Monday, November 3, 2014

!! The Umbilical Cord !!

!! Ishaan Chronicles!!

She was sobbing in pain of a normal delivery that she could barely see her new born. With all her might she tried scanning the baby with her eyes, but she couldn't.

 ”Doctor! I can't see the baby." she alarmed.

The doctor was a little startled as it was a normal delivery with no complications, then how could her eyesight have a problem?

Smiling at Mrs. Pai the head nurse said “Oh it's the tears, Honey”!! Wiping out her tears and remarked "Now see your Bundle of Joy, who is blinking at his Pretty Momma".

Yes the little one was staring at her and his sharp eyes had a question mark? As if he wanted to ask his Momma...

And the Momma dearest heard those innocent lips framing questions for her”Momma, MA
Why did you push me out of you? It was so cozy in there.  You took care of me very well. I was so much secure in there".

Playfully, Momma Dearest replied touching his little Pink Finger... 

“My Dearest!!"
 she said, "See you are a big boy now. You need more SPACE to play around and Momma cannot contain you for longer"

The baby was so delicate, soft and seemed like a Petal of Pink Rose.  She couldn't take her eyes off the baby. He looked so different than those scanned images which she had seen during her monthly visits to the clinic.  He is so handsome and looked so graceful. 

She said to herself with a sigh of relief, yes He's grown up to be a healthy baby.

... And then she heard the most horrendous words!!!  

"Get me the clamp and the scissors", said the doctor.   

Yea, it was time; time to cut the Umbilical Cord as the baby needs to be fed. The time had arrived to bid adieu of the nine month Strong bondage.

He's going to be on his own from now on... An Independent Individual!!!