Tuesday, November 11, 2014

!! Aalekh - Did he Abandon his Parents ? !!

In my earlier post  (http://ajthedad.blogspot.in/p/aalekh-turns-seventeen.html) I narrated, the miraculous incident whcih occurred in 1997, and the way  Aalekh was chosen as  God's  Own child

Now, let's together go ahead in future; may be in the year 2014,through the time machine named "Imagination" and see what's happening with Aalekh today.

Aalekh, is seen to be very nostalgic at this moment.

"What could be the reason behind ?"  Let's ponder upon it.

The incident :

On the way to his office this morning, Aalekh noticed a dad & son duo in a neighbourhood playground, wherein the  dad is teaching his son the craft of  riding a bicycle.

Yes, you heard it right !! Riding is a craft. The driver should be focused and needs to multitask to get the act of driving to PERFECTION.

On a closer look, Aalekh noticed that, the son is unable to focus on driving and one could clearly make out the fact, that the kiddo is scared of falling and getting hurt.

Aalekh found this a very interesting watch and decided to observe, and to see how this riding chapter is taken forward by the duo.  

Aalekh calls and informs his office, that he would be coming in a little late and sits on a bench in the playground to obeserve the duo. He orders a hot cup of tea to sip upon while entertaining himself with the actions of the Dad-son duo.

As he watched the duo,the fearful son gets off the bicycle and hugs his dad and into his ears he says "Poppa, I am feeling extremely scared."

The son explains, "See dad, there are other riders here driving and we could collide, dogs keep crossing my way and to top it people are staring at us and am unable to balance the " cycle Handle". Am scared that I would fall off and would hurt myself".

Is that all, asks the dad; And continues " Son, I have held the bicycle seat from behind and  I would not let you fall off and hurt yourself. Trust Me".  Dad consoled the young son, by reciprocating to his HUG.

Dad Continues : "Sonny, Riding a bicycle is very simple. You have to only focus on the handle initially and stay focused to see that no others come your way and keep pedaling your way ahead.  If there are any hurdles, brakes are always there to help you. Apply them.  :)

Hearing this peppy talk, Son regains the confidence and starts following exactly what his dad asked him to do. 

After about 15 to 20  minutes and post few rounds in the ground, Aalekh was amazed to see that the son was actually able to multitask to the perfection and also witnessed that the DAD is now just running behind the bicycle giving  the son the much required Moral Support.

Aalekh realized that  Son has learnt the craft faster as his dad had given him the Moral Support.

Observing the above, a few moments later ..

...Out of no-where, Aalekh remembers that even he had a bicycle which his dad  had Gifted him when he attained 13 yrs. The bicycle was his dads gift, on Aalekh attaining teenage-hood.

He was gifted a BSA SLR (blue colored). BSA was a huge rage then amongst the BOYS.  He had customized the bicycle and had given it a tint of Hero Ranger by adding few gadgets.

Where is the cycle now?  He tried to recollect. 

He was taken aback and he squirmed with the thought..

Aalekh had abandoned the bicycle back in his native as it was rusted and was not a head Turner.

How on earth, can anybody with a ligit heart do this? A gift which was presented with love and affection by someone so near to your heart, can that be neglected and left behind as an orphan?   Aalekh questioned himself.

Dad would have struggled for gifting the cycle to me.

As he was pondering about his own bicycle, a linking thought hit him as a Tsunami and shook Aalekh from head to toe.

The reason behind :
Aalekh, is now posted in Mumbai with a MNC company and with handsome salary and perks. However, his parents are back home in his native. Parents are growing older by the day.  

He thought to himself - "Are my parents Abandoned by me?".
As one would react in a reflex action, Aalekh rings home and informs his parents that he is going to live along with them in Mumbai for the rest of the life.

Hearing the happy news, his parents were almost in tears, for Aalekh was their ONLY son.                               _________________________________

Some facts About Dads :

Dad's do always provide  moral support to their kids. They showcase themselves as hard as rock, emotionless and ensure that their kids are well placed and settled.
Dads teach the kids to walk, take them to school, takes a day off from office when the kid is unwell, pray for their kids, stick to them through thick and thin.

Blessed are those kids and their spouses who take care of their age old parents against all odds.