Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Slup of the Ting"

..One can hear the Satya Narayan Puja being performed @ Aalekh's residence.

(Satyanarayana Puja is performed to Srimann Narayana, another manifestation form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Satyanarayana is considered as an embodiment of Truth. Also, Satyanarayan swamy, is a benevolent form of Lord Vishnu, and the Puja is performed to fulfill all the desires of the Couple who are performing the puja).

Aalekh's parents are the couple who will perform the puja and Sanjay is the priest instructing the couple, on  how to perform the puja.

The priest is a young guy of about 30 -32 years of Age. Very Handsome and graceful. He is of the new generation priests and very tech savvy.

The Priest commences the Satyanarayan puja by chanting mantras and shlokas in sanskrit.

Aalekh's parents are seated in the front row besides the image of Lord Satyanarayana. The entire house is filled with the fragrance of incense sticks and flowers.

The crowd includes mainly the relatives - (uncles, aunts and senior citizens ), friends and cousins of Aalekh.  

All are settled and seated amongst the members of their age groups.  Few of the teenagers, are scattered here and there, within the household and are fiddling their mobiles.

The youngsters and the teenagers were chatting through Whats app and other networking apps.

The aunties of the age group between 35 to 45 were busy discussing about their sarees that they had draped,  the cost of the ornaments which they wore, alongwith the beautician cost which they shell out month on month.

In the other corner, men of the family are discussing about the retirement benefits, positives of Modi Government and few of them spoke in opposition.

While the above continued, the Priest and Aalekh's parents are busy performing the puja.  The parents one could make out, are, fully engrossed in the puja like true devotees.

Now the time arrives, when the Aarti** has to be performed and aarti to be sung.

The priest calls in for the entire family to be present in front of the puja room so that the aarti** could be performed.

The aarti plate, contained wicks which are soaked in pure ghee, camphor, and two bettel leaves . On each pair of leaf, one banana is placed.

Now the Aarti was being offered with a playback song which is usually sung when aarti is offered. 

The lyrics of the aarti is as below:

"OM Jai jagdeesha Hare !

Swami Jai Jagadeesha Hare !

Bhakt jano ke sankat !

Dass jano ke sankat !

Kshan me door kare ! and so on ..

While the aarti was being performed, a BUG BEE came buzzing and stung the priests armpit and in a reflex action, the aarti plate stumbled.

As the aarti plate stumbled, one of the Granny (aged 80) shouted "Hey Priest !! Watch out! Your Banana has dropped out . Please collect the same".

(OOOps !! Slup of The Ting )***

There was pin drop silence at the outset and in a fraction of second, the entire family burst out laughing out their lungs,

and repeated "Yea Priest !! Your Banana has Dropped out".

Thus an evening was worth it for the entire family mixed with devotion and humor.

"Disclaimer"  No PUN intended on any Religion.


** Aarti is a Hindu religious ritual of worship, a part of puja, in which light from wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more deities.

*** Slip of the tounge.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

And then, it so happened, that the Project manager announces that Aalekh has to be @ Onsite for next 4 months to manage a project of Prestige.

When Aalekh heard of Onsite Project, the first Country which came rushing to his thoughts was "AMERICA" 

Aalekh was superlatively excited. His heart, pumped in blood with twice the speed, as he was overwhelmed with excitement. However, Aalekh decided to underplay his emotions. (The crazy professional behaviour).

But then, it was informed that the onsite location was Amchi Mumbai and not America.

Aalekh was still happy. The thought of he boarding the flight, to Mumbai, made him drool about the journey.

He was so enthusiastic to be in @ Amchi Mumbai !! The dream city. The city, where dreams comes to LIFE.

Aalekh went on a shopping spree for his travel. After-all, this was his Maiden flight and he needed to look special.  (Winks)

                     The D-Day arrived.  The cab driver honked @ 2.30 Am to drive him to Airport.

Aalekh the Handsome, was ready to board the cab.     He had transformed himself from an Old Generation Bollywood actor to the new generation one; by waxing himself, and wore an Ultra low waist - pencil fit blue jeans paired with lemon yellow tees.

With those short tees which he wore ,one could easily make out the perfectly chiseled abs of Aalekh. 

Along with the chiseled abs, one could also get a peak-a-boo of his brand new Calvin Klein.

(Hello, now do not stare, continue reading).  :)

Yes, Aalekh was flaunting his perfectly chiseled body and was bold enough to flaunt it. After all, he was about to board the most popular flight, which had the most pretty and curvaceous air-hostesses

It's flirt time now. Aalekh thought to himself with a naughty grin.

It was first week of December and winter was at its peak.In the urge of flaunting his abs, Aalekh missed carrying warm along clothes with him.

He landed in the airport 2 hours prior the take off. Seeing the gigantic structure of the airport his eye balls almost popped out and nervousness started creeping in.He searched for his ID proof to ensure that he had carried it along with.

The kind of security check, the x-ray scanning added to his nervousness. 

He Dint want to make a fool of himself, hence he decided to be comfortable in a lounge and did a bit of breathing exercise,post which he collected his boarding pass.

Now Aalekh looked confident enough, that he decided to roam a little in the airport and he saw an outlet which had the name plate "Cafelicious".

Aalekh a coffee addict, went in to have a sip. He browsed through the menu card and "Holy Cow!"  Too many varieties of Coffee and the entire card was Greek and Latin for Aalekh.  Playing safe, he ordered Cappuccino  and a Cheese burger for which he had to shell out Rs.450/- and this was another shocker. It took him a while to stabilize his Jaw which had touched the floor.

He thought,Will this amount be refunded by the company? With a gruntling expression he paid off the bill.

By then his name was being called for boarding the flight and he ran through the boarding gate and as soon as he entered the flight,he was greeted by the Airhostess Crew and Aalekh was awesomely flattered by this.

As he gazed at the air-hostess crew, his eyes hooked on to a husky beauty.

She had the most beautiful eyes. The eyes which could mesmerize anyone. 
Uff !! her smile could make any one just follow her and the fragrance of her perfume drove him crazy. 

She had the minimal of the make-up with those smokey eyes, bronze r dusted with taupe y-bronze eye-shadow and mascara with the nude y lip gloss.

She had wavy-silky hair which she had elegantly pinned up.

Aaah !! Looks like Aalekh just lost his heart to her. 

How can one be so attractive? As he was gazing at her, the husky beauty held his hands and walked him to his seat. 

Aalekh, could hear the background song  "Dream Girl, Dream Girl, kisee shaayar ki ghazal,Dream girl .. "

As she touched him, Aalekh could feel the cool breeze which blew the red rose petals on them (as if in his fantasy dream),the fragrance of her perfume drove him crazy and he wanted to kneel in front of her and say those words " Can we have a cup of Coffee?" 

Coffee ? Uhh !! 

Definitely, Cupid had done his trick. Was this the Love at First Sight ?

Sitting on his seat,he thought how to start a conversation with his husky beauty. Aah !! he got an idea.

"Mam !! Can i have some water please"  he quizzed her. 

"Sure Sir" !! she replied.

The husky beauty gave him a bottle of Bisleri. 

Aalekh, grabbed the bottle of water and drank the entire bottle in one single gulp.

"Anything else, i could serve you with Sir"? she asked. "Yes, a glass of chilled water" he replied. 

Uhh !! Water again? Oblivious of what he was talking and ordering, Aalekh sat there totally mesmerized.

He pushed his brains to the wall of his skull, to give him ideas to continue conversations with his husky beauty.

By this time, due to the AC and the liters of water,which he drank Aalekh, had to rush to the wash room. As he unbuckled the seat belt and stood up, the aircraft shuddered; loosing his balance, he stumbled and he was falling on the floor,but there she was, his husky beauty, she held him in her arms and there laid Aalekh in the arms of his dream girl.

What he heard next was, his husky beauty, instructing him like a teacher "Sir ! Please go back to your seat. You cannot use the washroom now." There is a lot of turbulence. 

"How rude ! " he thought to himself. He tried to explain, but his dream girl, walked him to his seat again and made him sit a little forcefully and smiled at him.

Aalekh, was irritated. His abdomen was full and he wanted to empty it. He sat with his legs crossed and did not dare buckling  him to the seat, as his abdomen could not stand any more pressure.

The urge of emptying his abdomen was on its peak that Aalekh could only dream about the washroom and the commode.

 Muttering like an old hag, Aalekh sat on his seat with crossed legs, waiting for his turn to rush to the washroom.

Alas, his husky beauty was not even visible in his wildest dream till the aircraft landed.                            ______________________________________________________________________________

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Life is such a mystery.

I have always failed to understand "LIFE".

I was tired and stressed up that Friday night. Though tired, I was happy as weekend was round the corner.

As I was tired and exhausted, I decided to skip my dinner and to hit the bed straightaway.

As I cuddled into the coziness of the blanket, she embraced me. Her arms felt lifeless and were chilled. I wondered why she kissed me on my forehead. Was it with love?

I fell fast asleep. I had amazing plans with my family that Saturday.  With a naughty smile I slowly glided into deep slumber.

The clock ticked ferociously and I heard  the alarm ring. It was 5:15 AM. I snoozed the alarm to take a lil nap again until the next snooze.
To my surprise, I heard someone praising me. This was quite unusual and abnormal. I had never ever, received a word of praise from anyone wholeheartedly until then.

It was a familiar voice. I sharpened my ears. Who was that praising me at the DAWN? Wasn't that my aunt?

Who doesn't like the praise? But then, why would anybody praise as early as 5:30 AM? I was surprised.

However, I decided to act as if I was deep asleep and carefully listened further, The Praise

As she ended, why was she sobbing? And, why was she using PAST Tense?

I gazed outside the window; it was such a beautiful morning. I saw the Golden "Rising Sun" at the horizon and felt the wavy cool breeze. "It's an unusual day" I thought.

The chirpy birds made the Morning worth to be heard and their chirpy noise were as soothing and pleasant like the Morning Raga. The pleasant smell of the flowers at the dawn made me orgasmic.

I wondered why I was chilled and numb. This was quite an unusual feeling.

Then I heard my wife sob. I wondered, what would have made her cry? Did I say something unruly, which could have probably hurt her?

I continued to act as if I was in deep sleep and  witnessed the activities around me.

I could see my dear ones around me, with tears in their eyes.  I could make out my cousins browsing up the phone book and dialing up people through their  iPhones.

After a while I could see my relatives rushing in. I had not met them in the past ten years. The reason being: family feuds and geographical distance.

Wow! I could meet all of them today. I was thrilled with excitement. But their faces were gloomy.

I could hear them talking huskily and saying, how good and adorable I was.

Then I saw one of my colleague carrying a Bouquet which had most lovable words:
"You were dear to us; and we will miss you".

They had never expressed their feelings towards me earlier like the way they did. Was it my b'day? I lay confused on my bed.

To my surprise, I was taken on to the floor by four of my family members and they tied my toes together and they stuffed cotton into my nose.

!! I was dead last Friday night @ around Ten past Ten!!

It's such a contradiction, that, when you are no more, PEOPLE around you Praise you and Say- "You will be Missed!"

Disclaimer: The Protagonist mentioned in the story as "I" may or may not be the narrator himself.

PS:Image courtesy Google

Sunday, November 16, 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

It's Monday morning again; another 6- 7 hours more to go. The Sun would rise  signalling the commencement of the race.

The Rat race - the race to meet both the ends.

Our each day passes as below:

I see my Lil one sleeping, when I leave for and return from office. Am unsure what's happening in between.

The week that has gone by, we both ( Ishaan's parents) have missed on too many precious moments.

Included, Ishaan's turning on his tummy and his several attempts to hold his chin and head high.

His turning on his tummy is his first step to the outside world. Our lil one has started to grow up. 

The way he does it-

Step 1:  He raises both his legs, keeps it in the air.

Step 2: Tilts the raised legs on the right side

and what we see next is Ishaan landing on his tummy, with his arms below his tummy. Then starts, his tug of war to pull his little arms from below his tummy.  

Phew ! tough going for the Lil one.

I really wonder, who has taught him to turn with this unique technique. 3 months and 10 days - he has turned on his tummy all by himself. 

So, is that  a Myth, that Parents are the first teachers to a kid?

He has been observing the activities around him, from past 3 months and now slowly has started recognizing people around, or at least we have started to think so, as he smiles at all of us and  has started to chat up with all of us non-stop in his own language (though only a loud noise is the outcome of his chat).

The most amazing act is his usage of his hands. Yea, the same hand which he had discovered a couple of weeks back. 


 My mom says that Ishaan has started pulling the specs whenever she carries him in her arms.  

Am sure, my son is too curious to explore, the reason, why his Granny is wearing the specs. He might  as well think that she as an alien, as she's the only one who wears specs throughout the day. 

However, this evening we had a good time. I did chit-chat with my lil one for nearly an hour. 

Amidst our chat, Ishaan raises his concern, pointing to his Napkin: (and we conversed as below):

Ishaan: Pappa, I have soiled the napkin. Please change it.

Me: No Beta, these are the new Pampers Nappy Pads, these have to stay put for 12 hours. You wouldn't even know, that you have soiled. 

Ishaan mutters and sits on his dad's lap, with his chin low, feeling very uncomfortable, wondering, why his Pappa is not hearing him?


What's the takeaway from the narrative:   

Do we as parents, hear our kids?  Or are we inclined to believe, what is fed to us repeatedly in TV promos.

Now let's link this situation to the incidents which we read in the newspapers, about kids being molested and harassed in schools.

When a kid returns from school and tries to chatter with his parent about some awful / uncomfortable incident that he or she had to undergo -- Do we hear it out and verify the authenticity?

Or, Do we hush the kid off by brushing him or her aside stating the kids narrative, as an imaginary story?

Just imagine, how helpless the kid would be if we as parents fail to hear him or her !!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

This morning I received an image on my Whats-app messenger.

I couldn't believe what I saw & read.

The image was a newspaper clip, depicting a father kissing the feet of his son who was battling for his life.

When I read further, I could comprehend that the mother was already dead and the doctors had done a c-section in an attempt to keep the baby alive. However, the Baby too, was battling for its life.

This news is still haunting me.

 .. They would have had dreams. A dream of rearing a family three-gether. Dream of celebrating the birth & Birthdays. Dream of seeing the lil one growing in front of their eyes, seeing him walk, cry, feeding him, caressing him with love and affection and so on and so forth...

.. This dream was shattered @ a blink, as the dark wings of Death, spill on the family.

.. This narrative on my messenger is haunting me and I want this off my mind and hence decided to mention on my blog..

" A lady goes through life and death While giving birth to the newborn". 

This being the fact - "Does a C-section over a normal delivery, really matter?" 

Unable to understand, why people still force for a normal delivery, when at times, it becomes life threatening for the kid and the mother? 

Are we being progressive here  or is it just the Fake Ego?

Or, are we Ok, to lose the MOTHER for want of a normal delivery?

Finally, does a normal delivery make a woman feel complete? Unsure about the situations outside India.

Disclaimer:    The Picture depicted and the content in the blog post here may not be interlinked

This evening  as I was browsing through my Facebook account, I found  an image on my Friend's page.


I was hooked with the image. Was the image trying to say something on my face?

Mother: An Epitome of Love, Sacrifice and a Be-Selfless Being. 

Unsure, how many emotions/ words will qualify to describe the  most sacred and serene word – Mother.

This being the case, I have always noticed that the female gender is always made fun of,  for being overtly self-conscious on how they look.  It is said that they are also readily available to give an eye to attain the so-called Perfect Figure.

However, as they attain motherhood, these creations - who hail from Mars -  become so flexible  that they are surprisingly willing to lose the so-called perfect figure and undergo a DRASTIC change in those NINE Months, only to CREATE another LIFE.  

I guess,  that these species understand that the JOY of LIFE does not come from the materialistic world,(An early enlightenment - if I could say), but being selfless.

Isn't it amazing?

They would be feeling Nausea-tic, would have a swollen leg … etc but no complaints are heard.

How is this even possible?  

Also, never heard of a Mother Cussing her Baby in the womb for her discomfort. She still keeps her hands on her tummy to caress the baby as if she is caressing the baby as in her lap.

Even in those 9 months, no responsibilities are shrugged off. The Juggling act between office & Home is perfectly done.
Do they carry home, the lingering thoughts of office ? I doubt, may be in the rarest of the scenarios.
Amazing courage is shown by the to-be MOTHER , when it comes to a C-section or be the normal labor delivery.

Wonder, where this strength comes from?

Be it a C-section or a Normal Delivery, Mother is a Mother. The feelings, emotions, caring and love towards the novice remain the same.

Hats off to all those Mothers -  who have the sensitivity, courage and patience to sail through the toughest of the days : "THE NINE MONTHS"

PS: Image courtesy Google.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In my earlier post  ( I narrated, the miraculous incident whcih occurred in 1997, and the way  Aalekh was chosen as  God's  Own child

Now, let's together go ahead in future; may be in the year 2014,through the time machine named "Imagination" and see what's happening with Aalekh today.

Aalekh, is seen to be very nostalgic at this moment.

"What could be the reason behind ?"  Let's ponder upon it.

The incident :

On the way to his office this morning, Aalekh noticed a dad & son duo in a neighbourhood playground, wherein the  dad is teaching his son the craft of  riding a bicycle.

Yes, you heard it right !! Riding is a craft. The driver should be focused and needs to multitask to get the act of driving to PERFECTION.

On a closer look, Aalekh noticed that, the son is unable to focus on driving and one could clearly make out the fact, that the kiddo is scared of falling and getting hurt.

Aalekh found this a very interesting watch and decided to observe, and to see how this riding chapter is taken forward by the duo.  

Aalekh calls and informs his office, that he would be coming in a little late and sits on a bench in the playground to obeserve the duo. He orders a hot cup of tea to sip upon while entertaining himself with the actions of the Dad-son duo.

As he watched the duo,the fearful son gets off the bicycle and hugs his dad and into his ears he says "Poppa, I am feeling extremely scared."

The son explains, "See dad, there are other riders here driving and we could collide, dogs keep crossing my way and to top it people are staring at us and am unable to balance the " cycle Handle". Am scared that I would fall off and would hurt myself".

Is that all, asks the dad; And continues " Son, I have held the bicycle seat from behind and  I would not let you fall off and hurt yourself. Trust Me".  Dad consoled the young son, by reciprocating to his HUG.

Dad Continues : "Sonny, Riding a bicycle is very simple. You have to only focus on the handle initially and stay focused to see that no others come your way and keep pedaling your way ahead.  If there are any hurdles, brakes are always there to help you. Apply them.  :)

Hearing this peppy talk, Son regains the confidence and starts following exactly what his dad asked him to do. 

After about 15 to 20  minutes and post few rounds in the ground, Aalekh was amazed to see that the son was actually able to multitask to the perfection and also witnessed that the DAD is now just running behind the bicycle giving  the son the much required Moral Support.

Aalekh realized that  Son has learnt the craft faster as his dad had given him the Moral Support.

Observing the above, a few moments later ..

...Out of no-where, Aalekh remembers that even he had a bicycle which his dad  had Gifted him when he attained 13 yrs. The bicycle was his dads gift, on Aalekh attaining teenage-hood.

He was gifted a BSA SLR (blue colored). BSA was a huge rage then amongst the BOYS.  He had customized the bicycle and had given it a tint of Hero Ranger by adding few gadgets.

Where is the cycle now?  He tried to recollect. 

He was taken aback and he squirmed with the thought..

Aalekh had abandoned the bicycle back in his native as it was rusted and was not a head Turner.

How on earth, can anybody with a ligit heart do this? A gift which was presented with love and affection by someone so near to your heart, can that be neglected and left behind as an orphan?   Aalekh questioned himself.

Dad would have struggled for gifting the cycle to me.

As he was pondering about his own bicycle, a linking thought hit him as a Tsunami and shook Aalekh from head to toe.

The reason behind :
Aalekh, is now posted in Mumbai with a MNC company and with handsome salary and perks. However, his parents are back home in his native. Parents are growing older by the day.  

He thought to himself - "Are my parents Abandoned by me?".
As one would react in a reflex action, Aalekh rings home and informs his parents that he is going to live along with them in Mumbai for the rest of the life.

Hearing the happy news, his parents were almost in tears, for Aalekh was their ONLY son.                               _________________________________

Some facts About Dads :

Dad's do always provide  moral support to their kids. They showcase themselves as hard as rock, emotionless and ensure that their kids are well placed and settled.
Dads teach the kids to walk, take them to school, takes a day off from office when the kid is unwell, pray for their kids, stick to them through thick and thin.

Blessed are those kids and their spouses who take care of their age old parents against all odds.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles  !!

.. it would be the 5th day or so, after my lil chimp was born.  We were busy celebrating each day of his birth and were enjoying those cute lil moments watching it, passing comments on all his cute lil moves, and above all clicking each moments whenever possible.

Majority of the time, lil chimp would be sleeping, as if he's still in his Mom's Womb.

We were hardly in our senses, as we were immersed in the joy of the arrival of a cute lil angel in our lives that we almost forgot our daily activities.

While this continued, my mobile rings. The Mobile tone wakes up Ishaan!!!

It was My Sister Vandana who had rung up.  

" We are visiting you Guys today, along with Seema". She said and hung up before i could ask her any further details.

In a couple of hours, we could hear a Vroooming sound of a Car stopping in front of our house gate. "Sreekesh (Vandanas husband) is a rash driver" i said to myself. 

The ensemble had arrived.

It was Vandana, her husband and their lil naughty daughter Seema - (She would
be hardly 2 years) .We had nicknamed her Mrs.Doubtfire.

All the three together made a PERfEKT family Picture which could be framed.

It's always an excitement when Seema visits us. She takes the entire household on a laughing spree and sets the mood right for the rest of the day.

Seema, resembled a cute lil angel and was dressed up so prettily the day when she came to meet Ishaan for the first time in Chennai.

I couldn't stop mentioning the fact that my sister has gradually ecxelled in her craft of dressing up her lil one.

Seema has noodled-curly hair and was wearing a pink band with a satin red rose on it to hold her curly hair.The band gave her face that extra tint of cuteness & innocence.

Vandana informed us that Seema was particular in wearing the new Polka dottedfrock for her meet up with Ishaan, her lil brother. She wore pretty  bangles which matched with her frock and  a beautiful anklet. 
The beeds hanging on the anklet generated soothing music as she moved her legs and just like any other kid, Seema too had a hand bag which she had received from her aunt in dubai, which she wore around her neck.

Now, as the ensemble entered our household, we could see that Seema was carried on the shoulders by her Pappa and she had a big broad  32 inch smile on her lips and was seated on the shoulders of her proud Pappa just like a Princess.

As she saw me,she pounced on me and clinged on me saying " Uncle, Unkel ! Ishu where?"  in her stuttering talk and her eyes searched for Ishaan in the room.

"Ishaan is in the bed room in his cradle" I replied. 

She ran in search of the bedroom Screaming with Joy "Ishuuu !!Look who's here!  Your Akka!. Come let's play ! " (akka - elder Sister).

As she entered the bedroom, she saw lil Ishaan on the bed lying wrapped in a towel.

She Screamed with joy and exclaimed "Pappa, Isshu is here ! Ishuu is shooo Tiny". In the excitement of seeing Ishaan she jumped and shouted  “Pappa, why is Isshu not talking? “Pappa, why is he not walking up to me?”

We all had a hearty laughter, when Vandana informed us, that she got Seema to dress up saying that IShaan likes only those kids who are neatly dressed and only then did she allow her Mom to dress her up. 

Hearing this we all knew why Seema was shouting. She was raising her concern or may be complaining as Ishaan din't meet up her expectation.  

She was expecting Ishaan to come up to her calling her "Akka" (elder sister) and she would have thought that both of them would play together.

It was then I noticed her pretty bag which she had wore round her neck. 

“Seema" i called her besides me. "What’s there in your bag?” Her response was immediate “ Money, Monney !! To buy  Ishaan a pretty Frock”.

I was so impressed of her selfless answer which came naturally to Seema, without any prompto from her parents and that too with a motherly instinct. Amazing are girl kids. I thought to myself. They are so selfless.

Seema called her Pappa Dearest, and said, “Pappa, let’s go  fast and buy Ishuu a frock" She continued.. "Ishuu is not playing with me because he doesn’t have a frock like mine”.  

We all smiled.

Hearing this,the "Encyclopedia Moma", Vandana, came forth and decided to give her kid an explanation.

She Said “Seema my Beloved!! Ishaan is a boy and boys don’t wear a frock !!

Seema couldn’t understand, she further intrigued “Moma, How is Ishuu a boy?

And Vandana, who was a rank holder during her studies  came with an intelligent answer immediately  “See, Ishuu is not wearing a frock and hence he is a Boy” and pointed her finger on to Ishaan, so as to focus Seemas attention on Ishaan.

Vandana, had hardly finished the sentence and the aircooler in the room did the trick. 
The cool breeze of the Symphony cooler, blew off  Ishaans towel which had kept him wrapped.  

OOps!! OOPs !! NOoo!! and there lay Ishaan in his Birthday suit,showcasing what he possessed.

Ooops Oops !! Said  a startled Vandana.

(This was such a funny Moment. The expression of the entire household could have been captured and could have been framed as the 10th rasa of Navarasam.)

Seema who was staring at Ishaan (though surprised) looked at Vandana through the corner of her eyes and with a naughty smile said (as if she understood the differentiating point of being a boy and a girl)

“Yea Moma, Ishuu is not wearing a frock” and continued staring at him.

Pin drop silence.  All were startled not knowing what has to be done.

Vandana, gained her posture,immediately wrapped Ishaan in the towel and gave Seema a Chocolate so as to divert her thought process.

However,the expression on Seema's face left Vandana Confused. She thought to herself 

"Did Seema understand how to differentiate a Boy and a Girl".  :) :) ;)

PS: Image courtesy Google.

Monday, November 3, 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles!!

She was sobbing in pain of a normal delivery that she could barely see her new born. With all her might she tried scanning the baby with her eyes, but she couldn't.

 ”Doctor! I can't see the baby." she alarmed.

The doctor was a little startled as it was a normal delivery with no complications, then how could her eyesight have a problem?

Smiling at Mrs. Pai the head nurse said “Oh it's the tears, Honey”!! Wiping out her tears and remarked "Now see your Bundle of Joy, who is blinking at his Pretty Momma".

Yes the little one was staring at her and his sharp eyes had a question mark? As if he wanted to ask his Momma...

And the Momma dearest heard those innocent lips framing questions for her”Momma, MA
Why did you push me out of you? It was so cozy in there.  You took care of me very well. I was so much secure in there".

Playfully, Momma Dearest replied touching his little Pink Finger... 

“My Dearest!!"
 she said, "See you are a big boy now. You need more SPACE to play around and Momma cannot contain you for longer"

The baby was so delicate, soft and seemed like a Petal of Pink Rose.  She couldn't take her eyes off the baby. He looked so different than those scanned images which she had seen during her monthly visits to the clinic.  He is so handsome and looked so graceful. 

She said to herself with a sigh of relief, yes He's grown up to be a healthy baby.

... And then she heard the most horrendous words!!!  

"Get me the clamp and the scissors", said the doctor.   

Yea, it was time; time to cut the Umbilical Cord as the baby needs to be fed. The time had arrived to bid adieu of the nine month Strong bondage.

He's going to be on his own from now on... An Independent Individual!!!