Sunday, November 16, 2014

!! Do We Hear our Kids - Amidst the Rat Race? !!

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

It's Monday morning again; another 6- 7 hours more to go. The Sun would rise  signalling the commencement of the race.

The Rat race - the race to meet both the ends.

Our each day passes as below:

I see my Lil one sleeping, when I leave for and return from office. Am unsure what's happening in between.

The week that has gone by, we both ( Ishaan's parents) have missed on too many precious moments.

Included, Ishaan's turning on his tummy and his several attempts to hold his chin and head high.

His turning on his tummy is his first step to the outside world. Our lil one has started to grow up. 

The way he does it-

Step 1:  He raises both his legs, keeps it in the air.

Step 2: Tilts the raised legs on the right side

and what we see next is Ishaan landing on his tummy, with his arms below his tummy. Then starts, his tug of war to pull his little arms from below his tummy.  

Phew ! tough going for the Lil one.

I really wonder, who has taught him to turn with this unique technique. 3 months and 10 days - he has turned on his tummy all by himself. 

So, is that  a Myth, that Parents are the first teachers to a kid?

He has been observing the activities around him, from past 3 months and now slowly has started recognizing people around, or at least we have started to think so, as he smiles at all of us and  has started to chat up with all of us non-stop in his own language (though only a loud noise is the outcome of his chat).

The most amazing act is his usage of his hands. Yea, the same hand which he had discovered a couple of weeks back. 


 My mom says that Ishaan has started pulling the specs whenever she carries him in her arms.  

Am sure, my son is too curious to explore, the reason, why his Granny is wearing the specs. He might  as well think that she as an alien, as she's the only one who wears specs throughout the day. 

However, this evening we had a good time. I did chit-chat with my lil one for nearly an hour. 

Amidst our chat, Ishaan raises his concern, pointing to his Napkin: (and we conversed as below):

Ishaan: Pappa, I have soiled the napkin. Please change it.

Me: No Beta, these are the new Pampers Nappy Pads, these have to stay put for 12 hours. You wouldn't even know, that you have soiled. 

Ishaan mutters and sits on his dad's lap, with his chin low, feeling very uncomfortable, wondering, why his Pappa is not hearing him?


What's the takeaway from the narrative:   

Do we as parents, hear our kids?  Or are we inclined to believe, what is fed to us repeatedly in TV promos.

Now let's link this situation to the incidents which we read in the newspapers, about kids being molested and harassed in schools.

When a kid returns from school and tries to chatter with his parent about some awful / uncomfortable incident that he or she had to undergo -- Do we hear it out and verify the authenticity?

Or, Do we hush the kid off by brushing him or her aside stating the kids narrative, as an imaginary story?

Just imagine, how helpless the kid would be if we as parents fail to hear him or her !!