Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yea Moma !! He's not wearing a Frock !!..

!! Ishaan Chronicles  !!

.. it would be the 5th day or so, after my lil chimp was born.  We were busy celebrating each day of his birth and were enjoying those cute lil moments watching it, passing comments on all his cute lil moves, and above all clicking each moments whenever possible.

Majority of the time, lil chimp would be sleeping, as if he's still in his Mom's Womb.

We were hardly in our senses, as we were immersed in the joy of the arrival of a cute lil angel in our lives that we almost forgot our daily activities.

While this continued, my mobile rings. The Mobile tone wakes up Ishaan!!!

It was My Sister Vandana who had rung up.  

" We are visiting you Guys today, along with Seema". She said and hung up before i could ask her any further details.

In a couple of hours, we could hear a Vroooming sound of a Car stopping in front of our house gate. "Sreekesh (Vandanas husband) is a rash driver" i said to myself. 

The ensemble had arrived.

It was Vandana, her husband and their lil naughty daughter Seema - (She would
be hardly 2 years) .We had nicknamed her Mrs.Doubtfire.

All the three together made a PERfEKT family Picture which could be framed.

It's always an excitement when Seema visits us. She takes the entire household on a laughing spree and sets the mood right for the rest of the day.

Seema, resembled a cute lil angel and was dressed up so prettily the day when she came to meet Ishaan for the first time in Chennai.

I couldn't stop mentioning the fact that my sister has gradually ecxelled in her craft of dressing up her lil one.

Seema has noodled-curly hair and was wearing a pink band with a satin red rose on it to hold her curly hair.The band gave her face that extra tint of cuteness & innocence.

Vandana informed us that Seema was particular in wearing the new Polka dottedfrock for her meet up with Ishaan, her lil brother. She wore pretty  bangles which matched with her frock and  a beautiful anklet. 
The beeds hanging on the anklet generated soothing music as she moved her legs and just like any other kid, Seema too had a hand bag which she had received from her aunt in dubai, which she wore around her neck.

Now, as the ensemble entered our household, we could see that Seema was carried on the shoulders by her Pappa and she had a big broad  32 inch smile on her lips and was seated on the shoulders of her proud Pappa just like a Princess.

As she saw me,she pounced on me and clinged on me saying " Uncle, Unkel ! Ishu where?"  in her stuttering talk and her eyes searched for Ishaan in the room.

"Ishaan is in the bed room in his cradle" I replied. 

She ran in search of the bedroom Screaming with Joy "Ishuuu !!Look who's here!  Your Akka!. Come let's play ! " (akka - elder Sister).

As she entered the bedroom, she saw lil Ishaan on the bed lying wrapped in a towel.

She Screamed with joy and exclaimed "Pappa, Isshu is here ! Ishuu is shooo Tiny". In the excitement of seeing Ishaan she jumped and shouted  “Pappa, why is Isshu not talking? “Pappa, why is he not walking up to me?”

We all had a hearty laughter, when Vandana informed us, that she got Seema to dress up saying that IShaan likes only those kids who are neatly dressed and only then did she allow her Mom to dress her up. 

Hearing this we all knew why Seema was shouting. She was raising her concern or may be complaining as Ishaan din't meet up her expectation.  

She was expecting Ishaan to come up to her calling her "Akka" (elder sister) and she would have thought that both of them would play together.

It was then I noticed her pretty bag which she had wore round her neck. 

“Seema" i called her besides me. "What’s there in your bag?” Her response was immediate “ Money, Monney !! To buy  Ishaan a pretty Frock”.

I was so impressed of her selfless answer which came naturally to Seema, without any prompto from her parents and that too with a motherly instinct. Amazing are girl kids. I thought to myself. They are so selfless.

Seema called her Pappa Dearest, and said, “Pappa, let’s go  fast and buy Ishuu a frock" She continued.. "Ishuu is not playing with me because he doesn’t have a frock like mine”.  

We all smiled.

Hearing this,the "Encyclopedia Moma", Vandana, came forth and decided to give her kid an explanation.

She Said “Seema my Beloved!! Ishaan is a boy and boys don’t wear a frock !!

Seema couldn’t understand, she further intrigued “Moma, How is Ishuu a boy?

And Vandana, who was a rank holder during her studies  came with an intelligent answer immediately  “See, Ishuu is not wearing a frock and hence he is a Boy” and pointed her finger on to Ishaan, so as to focus Seemas attention on Ishaan.

Vandana, had hardly finished the sentence and the aircooler in the room did the trick. 
The cool breeze of the Symphony cooler, blew off  Ishaans towel which had kept him wrapped.  

OOps!! OOPs !! NOoo!! and there lay Ishaan in his Birthday suit,showcasing what he possessed.

Ooops Oops !! Said  a startled Vandana.

(This was such a funny Moment. The expression of the entire household could have been captured and could have been framed as the 10th rasa of Navarasam.)

Seema who was staring at Ishaan (though surprised) looked at Vandana through the corner of her eyes and with a naughty smile said (as if she understood the differentiating point of being a boy and a girl)

“Yea Moma, Ishuu is not wearing a frock” and continued staring at him.

Pin drop silence.  All were startled not knowing what has to be done.

Vandana, gained her posture,immediately wrapped Ishaan in the towel and gave Seema a Chocolate so as to divert her thought process.

However,the expression on Seema's face left Vandana Confused. She thought to herself 

"Did Seema understand how to differentiate a Boy and a Girl".  :) :) ;)

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