Sunday, February 1, 2015

Forbidden Apple

She moved her fingers through his hairy chest. Those fingers had an erotic feeling to it.  He kissed her with such passion, leaving love bites on her cervix.
The dim lights and the sweetness of jasmine had  created the perfect aura for their First Night.

Ankita invitingly entered the shower and switched the tap on. Water sprinkled on her, drenching her up and making her all the more luscious to the eyes whom-so-ever saw her. 

Simply then, Johnny did not accompany her to the shower. 

"Such a spoilt sport Johnny is", she recalled. 

Clad in  her skimpy  shorts and white tees, she gently entered their bedroom, to see Johnny  lying on the bed in his boxers, with his face immersed into the pillow.

She was horrified as she turned him around playfully. His throat was slit open.

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved) only for the story.

Background to the story:

Johnny & Ankita were madly in love. Their marriage was the result of an eloping session. 

Johnny was a Christian and Ankita a Hindu, from Haryana.

It was an honour-killing done by Ankita’s family, as she had brought shame to the family marrying of  her choice out of the religion.


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