Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29th, 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!! A tender Moment with Grandpa!

Ishaan's Grandpa is 71 years and healthy for his age.

This morning as I was getting ready for work. I could overhear conversations between the two Kids:

The older kid of 71 years and the younger one of 3 months.

My Dad - He's the most adorable, loving and caring person on earth.

I was eagerly waiting to hear how he pampers Ishaan. I saw him holding Ishaan's little finger and shaking his hands and talking to him in a childlike manner.

I was overwhelmed with joy.

Then he asks Ishaan -- "Oh, My beloved Grandson! Do you know me? Did you recognize me yet? I am your Grandpa! "

Hearing these words from my father, my heart sank!! I felt a pinch in my heart!

I was disturbed.

"Was I insensitive towards my Father? Did I not introduce Ishaan to him; (may be the way my Dad desired to be introduced to his Grandson).

While I was busy with Ishaan and introducing him to the entire world, even my Dad would have desired the same cosiness, warmth and introduction of Ishaan to him as well.

This evening, I decided to carry Ishaan to my Dad and after laying him on his grandpa's lap "I would Announce.. "

"..Oh, My Little One! He's your dad's dad, your Grandpa. He's the one who will make all your little wishes come true and will bear all your tantrums with a Smile.

 Grandparents are such a blessing!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28th 2014 :

!! Ishaan Chronicles !! Scary Story Continued ..
Ishaan's dad was frozen as he was extremely scared and in horrific shock!

" Who is lying in his lap?" His hands had gone numb,throat dry and his neck had become stiff.

Even in that gruesome darkness, one could make out that Sr. Pai had become completely pale.
He somehow gathered courage and forced himself to look who was lying in his lap. As he lowered his head; he heard another stroke of sound which nearly blew off his ear drum.

That was the horrendous sound of (Garbham Kalakki) Deepavali Bomb ( alias: abortion Cracker bomb) being bursted by the neighborhood kids.

Hearing the noise, Ishaans Dad was thrown out of his sleep and he was forced to split open his eyes.

Was that a dream? How could it be a dream? He looked around with relief and in disbelief, to find His lil Puchkipoo lying in the cradle in a playful mood.

Sr.Pai realized with embarassment that it was merely a dream.

The hangover of the previous night SPiNe chilling horror flick which he had watched. The movie had left lingering thoughts in his sub-conscious mind.
He heaved a sigh of relief and had a hearty laugh at his plight.

However, he decided that he wouldn't share this with anyone in the household as it was so child like situation. As all these thoughts were gushing in his mind; Sr.Pai realized that Ishaan, who was in the playful mood was actually smiling, talking with gestures as if somebody was standing in the corner of the room.

But there were only two of them? Who was Ishaan talking to???
Some incidents are better unanswered; muttered Sr.Pai; staring at the Corner of the room.
— feeling confused.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th 2014.

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

Disclaimer : Has content which might scare you !

.. and thus arrived the much awaited Sunday !!

This is the only day Ishaan's parents get an off from work.
Mr. Senior Pai ( Ishaan's dad) had watched a spine chilling horror movie, the previous night. ( aaah! What a movie !!).
The daily activities of a dutiful dad, kept Sr.Pai quite busy till 6PM that Sunday. @6 PM the entire family went to the nearby Td Temple leaving Ishaan with his dad to baby sit.
@ around 6:15 PM the power went off due to heavy rains; and it was too dark in the entire household.

Shikes! The emergency lights too dint work; and the thoughts of the previous night horror movie started popping up into Sr.Pai's mind and Good Lord was he disturbed..?
As the power went off; Sr.Pai took his lil chimp in his arms and went to the bedroom.

Puchkipoo, was quietly sleeping as he lay him on his lap.(It was too dark; nothing was visible). All of a sudden; Sr.Pai could hear somebody weeping and crying which broke apart the silence of darkness.

..Within a fraction of second he realized that it was Lil Ishaan who was crying in the next room lying in his cradle (as a lil mosquito bit him).

If Ishaan is lying in the cradle in the next room; then who is lying in his lap?

This thought left Ishaan's dad shocked and left him shivering in his knees

To be continued !!!

feeling scared.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26th 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

Scene 2 : Time Pass chat with Grandma.

It would be around 3. PM. Time for all to take a Nap.

Ishaan is in his grandma's lap and grandma is trying her level best to put him to sleep with soothing lullabies.

and then, Ishaan asks ",, why are u still called "Baby"?

Grandma Grins and replies "Baby" is my pet name; Grandson!
"Grandma" and "Baby" both names to a single person, too many contradictions, thinks Ishaan.

However, he nods his head to Grandma as if he understood. (But not convinced).

Poor thing, little does he know, that " life is all about contradictions ".
— feeling blissful.
October 26th 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

My lil 'Puchkipoo' has completed 3 months yesterday.

From being a Tadpole size ( from the time he was conceived) to this day as he completes 3 months; was an amazing journey of the baby.

Whom should we thank or show gratitude to ?

— feeling blessed.
October 26th 2014

! Ishaan chronicles !

Learn to "SMiLe bRoAD" without any apprehensions; and the world will reflect the smile.

(Lesson learnt from the smiling little ToT) 

 — feeling excited.
October 25th 2014 @ 8:21am

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

Aww !! Am so proud of my Lil Chimp today!! Am sure he's gonna be a discoverer / explorer / Scientist.

Scene No:1

My Lil Chimp is being bathed by his Mom. All of a sudden; We hear him yell with Joy and amazement "Eureka! Eureka"!

Hearing this, the entire household came to a standstill position.

My Lil Puchkipoo has discovered HiS Hand!!

From that very minute, Ishaan is not sliding down his hand.He is staring @ it and giggling.

"and thus Columbus discovered America", I thought to myself.

PS: Image Courtesy Google.
October 25th 2014 at 7:29am 

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!
It's now reaffirmed that Baba Ramdev has learnt most of his Yog-Aasanas, from the little Master Ishaan (Baba).
The way little Master performs Kapaal Bharathi is indeed a sight to cherish !!
Jai Ho Baba Ishaan
— feeling refreshed.
October 23 at 10:52pm ·

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

For a 3 months old kiddo; whatever he sees is a new experience. He would stare at all those new things with amazement. Am sure the baby is appreciating seeing new things that are different.

.. as a reason, Ishaan has an expression of a question mark on his face very often !! 

Now let me narrate the incident:

This evening, Ishaan was lying on my lap. I noticed, Ishaan was staring @ me and giggling as if he noticed something funny.

I raised my eyebrow, gesturing what the matter was?

I could read Ishaan's twinkling eyes: " Pappa! Are u also 3 months old?" He asks.

I was a little startled. I asked him: Why do u think so; my son?

"Pappa, hair is still growing on your head too, just like mine " Ishaan narrated.

I had a hearty laugh, at the innocence of my lil chimp. 

PS: Ishaans Papa is bald :)

— feeling joyful.

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!
!! Cute little pets for Lil Ishaan !!
 !!Aren't they cute  ? !!

October 22 at 6:23pm 

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

The TiNY Tot is sleeping quietly now.

He looks very adorable while sleeping. Perfectly crafted nose, Kissable-fluffy cheeks, sharp eyelids & a cute smile on his face.

Oh Good Lord! When he screams; all the four of us run Helter Skelter to calm him down.

:: Phew ::

Ishaan's dad is heard muttering while peeping in on the tiny tot sleeping calmly "Seems like the silence before a StORm."
— feeling exhausted.
October 21 at 10:28am · !! Ishaan Chronicles !!

This Morning, I heard a soothing music.

Raree Raa ri rom Raaa roo^ ¶

Kannum pooti ende, kannan urangu ..¶¶

I couldn't stop but peep in. It was my wife singing lullaby to Ishaan. Ishaan was cosily lying in her lap, gazing at his mom and smiling.

That was a magical moment.

Both Mom & Son had a smile on their face. I wonder, what would have made him smile @ her? Was that a return smile on my wife's face?

I am Sure, that's the Mother - Son Bonding coming out !!

The bonding of 9 months. The bonding of having lived as one soul and one body for nine months.

— feeling amazing.

PS: Image courtesy Google.
October 20 at 9:14am

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

!! The unwritten rule no:1.

"When Ishaan (the little Prince is asleep), every one to talk in a feeble voice. No noise of utensils and other kinds to be made, which would wake the lil boy up"

Now, it seems like we are a family of mute members.

feeling funny.
October 19 at 10:26pm

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

As I took my lil Chimp in my arms and held him close to my heart,  he brushed his face on my chest.
I had a lil lump in my heart at that very instant. My eyes went moist. A stream of joy trickled freely down my cheek.
The Embrace of - My Son !

— feeling loved.

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October 19 at 12:27pm

!! Ishaan Chronicles __ Welcoming By Grand Parents !!

!!.. Ishaan's grandparents had a surprise welcoming arranged for him in Bangalore @vidyaranyapura !!

!! Ishaan Chronicles - Jab We Met!!

October 19 at 6:42am 

Jab We Met @ Yesh'pur railway station...

Little Ishaan's tiny eyes twinkled and gestured with an exclamation:

"Momma! Who's this? Why is he touching my nose and cheeks? Why is he talking to me as if I know him?

While I was oblivious of the communication between Mom & the Son,

My wife said, " Beta, he is your Dad"

"How true! It's the mother who Crowns dad - "The Fatherhood"!

! Ishaan Chronicles !      October 19 at 6:19am 2014.

As a child, I yearned for a sibling. But unfortunately, my parents held a different perspective on this and I was always alone.

During those years, very often I dreamt of a small child, with whom I horsed around. I caught myself, pampering the Lil one and babysitting him as an elder Brother does.

The kid, I could see, waited at the threshold of the entrance to my house, as if, he waited for somebody to bring him in. (I am so far to calculate out the significance of this specific dream).

My dad, being the most youthful of all his 11 siblings, all my cousins had to be at least a minimum of 10 to 12 years older to me.

As a matter of fact, I had never got a chance to be with a newborn and thus, being able to go through those exciting and enticing emotions.

            Ishaan, Our Bundle of Joy, arrived after 5 years of our spousal relationship.  He was born in Chennai, and October 19th, 2014 was the day he arrived in Bangalore.

Ishaan chronicles are a narrative which will take us through the first day of Ishaan's arrival to Bangalore and many exciting days to come!!

The incident:

            I rushed to the 6th platform @ Yeshwantpur railway station, to meet little Ishaan and my better half.

I had to pick them up from the railway station, where they were waiting for me along with my in-laws. As I reached nearby, numerous emotions gushed within me. I was excited to discover, How Ishaan would react seeing me!

Will he recognize me as his father? 

This was the single question which buzzed in my head, as I approached them with all the excitement masked in my smile.

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Image Courtesy :: AJ's personal archive.