Monday, August 24, 2015

Ishaan, my son, the one-year-old toddler slaps me today. I decide to document it.

He and I,  Inseparable
He breathes, I exist
He cries, My eyes moist
His giggle, My smile
My Lil finger, his support

And then,

He walks
He drifts away 
He becomes independent

He slaps again
A tight Slap
A rude awakening"

'I ponder upon'

Why the attachment?
I ask!
Can i stay detached?

My heart 
still tugged with his

He's my blood
He's my Kin
Am his Papa

I console Me
Naah, he isn't rude!

I sleep;
My eyes wide open,
With his tiny palm
on my cheek.

The slap,
His first Slap,
Engraved on me forever.

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Heat waves swish
The prickly rays
Pierce the skin,
The City  melts.

But it's Him
Yes him, on the street,
His eyes look out
For a
Starving mouth.

The street as usual
Bright,  luminous.

 Seconds, minutes and hours
Yet his eyes in quest
For ‘that’ empty belly.

Quite a Paradox
He trades food,
To quench
His hunger.

Each street
Every single lane
He wanders,
With the Samosas
For that single
That’ll  satiate  
Of his folks.

  The blue sky
Now drapes black,
Bright Yellow
To milky white.

Moist Eyes,
Sweaty brow,
In his palm
Were piddling
Three dimes!

Image Courtesy: Joshi Daniel

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)  
The accolades
Dramatic praises
Expressive compliments
Spectacular honors
Transform “Me”
into “I”.

The egoistic
With a Highbrow.

The one
The Only
The All

 Awaiting a big Fall!

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved) 
Image courtesy: AJ's Archive.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Each step he takes
He leaps

Handicapped that he is
Special privilege he’s offered
Sympathy, the emotion for him

Every single minute
He is reminded
Of his inability

Pessimism is what we offer

We stare
We ignore
We ridicule
His ability tested

Presentability we look for

I say,
Look beyond

Beyond the physical form

His spirit to Conquer
 Not yet

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)

Image courtesy : Pixabay

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ishaan’s arrival has evoked several mixed emotions within me, which includes, moments of joy and those of anxiety. Emotions were at its peak, finding a way out, to explode.   

I did then decide to scribble down the reasons behind these strong emotions on Facebook.

October 15th, 2014, I wrote my first post about Ishaan (my son) and his anxious dad, aka, Me. The mounting emotions needed to be channelized.  

Thanks to Shubhangi Srikanth and Nandini Beschi, for having planted the seed of blogging in me.

Shubhangi, aka  the little princess, alias, Titli is my ‘bestest’ Pal and my ex-colleague.  She blogs @ and @  She’s the one who held my hands  and taught me how to set-up a blog.  

I confess, I did pester her for every silly and petty issue with regard to my blog. (I never googled, nor did I go to the help file). I always pinged/ rang her up and she was there ever ready to assist.

Nandini Beschi, an ex-colleague and ex-blogger, needs an equal mention here, for the simple reason, that, she was the one, who encouraged me with her comments on FB, when I started off initially. She was the one who traced the writer within me and introduced me to the blogging world. She runs an online boutique @ She remains a dear friend of mine.

Let me take this opportunity to thank  both the wonderful ladies for such a fabulous moral support.

Now comes the most important individual in my life, The Ray of hope, aka, Asha, my spouse.  I wish she'll always remain to shine as the ray of hope and faith, all through my life.  I am incomplete without her.

Love you for the precious gift you offered me, our Lil Ishaan.
                                           All these years, I craved for appreciation, I wasn't deprived of it, but I received  appreciation on ration.

How true, when all the doors are shut on your face, God opens wide, the door of abundant opportunities to fulfill  one's dreams and yearnings.

My Emotions, the blog is such an  opportunity which came as a surprise to me, that, even at this moment I have not been able to sync with it.  Never ever in my wildest dream, did I think, that I'd  write.

Appreciations and kind words  poured in.

People said, that AJ has changed, changed for good.  They indeed loved the change.

AJ, in the new avatar of a writer.

Well, Change is constant, I say.

Thus, days progressed to weeks, weeks to months and then it happened.  The Awards.

My first award came to me in the 6th month of blogging and I was bestowed upon Liebster and Versatile blogger award by  Ahmed Kanan.

I was clueless about he reading the blog posts that I had scribbled in my blog. I nicknamed him “Genie”, for obvious reasons.  My lil wish of receiving an award was fulfilled by him.

Well, he hasn't as yet revealed the country which he belongs to. His profile says that he's from the middle east.

Ahmed Kanan blogs @

The 2nd Liebster and Very Inspiring award nomination came from my blogger friend  Gowthama Rajavelu. He states, emphatically, that, if  given a large sum of money, he would go around the world along with his wife in 80 days. 

I sense that he is a gem of a chap.  He blogs @ 


The 3rd award  "Versatile blogger"  comes from Tennyson  who blogs at @ .  

He writes scary vampire stories.

Am sure he drew the inspiration from one of his maths teacher.  He is  a Post Graduate in MA, English Language and Literature with Film Studies as elective. Graduate in both English and History along with Diploma in Human Rights, Multimedia and Media Studies.

Coincidence, if  I may say, We both hail from Kerala, "God's own Country". 

Other blogs of Teny are listed below:

Movie review site:

The 4th nomination for the Versatile blogger awards comes from  Rashmi Karthik. 
She blogs @
Rashmi believes in living in the moment, a self-motivator, a travel enthusiast, and a hardcore foodie.


The 5th nomination comes  from Anamika Agnihotri,  for being a Very Inspiring Blogger. 
She blogs @

Anamika, a stay-At-Home-Mom of a 4-year-old son, Dhruv.
With a clean slate, she constantly makes efforts at learning the tricks of this trade in what she fondly call ‘The Dhruv’s School of Parenting’ where although she used to start out being an instructor but humbly ends up following the pupil, here son.

Her  blog is an attempt by her to put together her parenting experiences and stories with an infusion of humor where ever she can.
Most recently, she has been indulging in the poetic side of hers.  The poems  speak about her, her  feelings and emotions.

The icing on the cake was the award, which came my way for the poem written for Ishaan on his turning 6 months.

I won the “ exceptional poetry award”  from Writer’s Ezine Magazine. The poem was published in  their May 2015 issue.  This poem was my first submission to Writer’s ezine.  Am glad that this poem, which is nearest to my heart for obvious reasons  has won the "exceptional poetry award".  

What more could I dream Of?

The incidents narrated in the poem unraveled in front of my eyes (my creative imagination) at the temple. ( You may think that I am crazy).  

Well, but then, all writers are eccentric. Aren't they?/us?

How do I wrap up, without mentioning Ana Mi and  Rohan Chaubey.

Ana Mi, who blogs @
and has always kind words for  me.

Rohan and I met through Aha-now, a community for bloggers. 

He blogs @ .  Rohan is the guy who helped me in designing my Blog  in it's current theme. A generous guy with always-ready-to-help-attitude.

Let me thank, each one of you, for the love showered upon me by nominating me for these awards and  in helping me to create this blog.

         I am thrilled today to bits, as my blog post/ Poem is featured in Blogadda.  This is what they had to say.

Now it's time for the Press Questions:

1. Why did  You start blogging?   

 Blogging was a channel for me to immortalize my emotions for my son. Well, during my initial days of blogging, I wrote only about  Ishaan.

2.  What does the family think of  you blogging?

They think that I blog to run away from my responsibilities as a Father. ( I guess).

3. What time of the day do you write the best content for  your blog?

There isn't a specific time that I sit for writing the blog. As the name state, "My emotions", I scribble whenever I am connected with the particular emotion which is looking for a  way out to be exploded.

4. What is the best thing about you?  

Life teaches us lessons, day-in-day-out.  I have learned to accept each individual as they are.

5. If you had one wish granted, what would you wish for?

A normal, easy, peaceful childhood  and  a rich (richness in every single form) life for my Lil Ishaan.

6. Random facts about myself.

I am scared of heights / Speed. (phobia).
I am scared of losing my father.
I hate parties.
I am an introvert.
I am good at masking my real emotions.
I never compare myself with anyone.

Nominations :

I would keep adding the nominees in days to come:

1. Yatin Khulbe, blogs @  buddytation  nominated for "Very Inspiring Blogger"
2. Rohan Chaubey, blogs @ RohanChaubey  nominated for "Very Inspiring Blogger"


© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A stressful week

Aha! It’s a holiday today,
Time to rejuvenate
the dead senses.

A  Steam shower,
An excellent stimulus
evoking the dead emotions,
I plan.

I step in for
an exotic 
 passionate shower.
I unwrap myself
to soak
in the sauna.

I turn the switch On,
 The steam fumes out,
Like the clouds, that roll up.

A gentle warmth
of the heat wave, I sense,
 scale over me.

 Sizzling sweat trickles
 down my bare body.

in  the mirror
my glistening torso.

The herbal oil on me,
the eucalyptus-scented steam,

The hot droplets
 Seep down,

The trickling water

An enticing shower!
I must Say.

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)    Image Courtesy: Pexels

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Aloha, All!
Now, is the time,
Time to bid adieu.

My bags packed,

Am all set to leave!
Hey, You!
With a dropped Jaw,
Do not be puzzled.

Yes, you read it right,
'Tis time to say, Sayanora!

To another earth,
The Older cousin to earth,
To experience new.

How intriguing,
Scientists and their findings,
They say they found,
(How silly!
Did they find,
The non-existent?)

Another Earth,
Another Sun,
Maybe, another orbit,
Along the milky way.
How I wish,
Another Earth,
Be Devoid of  human race,
That divides basis
And so on and so forth.

Be there no Story of Genesis,
 And no Religion,
In the Virgin habitable planet.

Let only prevail,
Faith, hope, optimism,
And love,
Thought hovers within me.

Similar to Noah’s,
Stay Afloat,
 Atop the sea of hope,
To build a terrene,
Similar to Eden Garden.

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)    Image Courtesy: Pexels

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mercury rises,
Relations melt,
Words spew Venom, 
 Dialogues of hatred fly,
Blowing the soul,
Bleeding the heart.

Emotions flood,
Lungs gasp,
 Eyes turn moist,
Tears trickle.

Bruises the spirit.

Bonding erodes,
Eyes never lock,
Warmth lost.

Sense of  Vacuum.

U and I
Decide to separate..

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)
Image courtesy: Pixabay - Divorce