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Monday, December 29, 2014

Aalekh, now turns sevenTeen.

Just like any other teenager Aalekh too had a dream. Dream, to be in an academic institution of repute. He fancied being in those situations which resembled the ones showcased in Bollywood movie sequences. 

He dreamt to be free; to be unquestioned & popular. With all these not-so-real scenarios, Aalekh awaited his 10+2 results. 

Talking about the results and scores, some sort of uneasiness started cropping up in his deep conscience.
However, he chose to ignore those feelings.  And one fine morning the secret was Out. The RESULTS published.

Aah ! Aalekh looks disturbed with a sad long face.

Our little Hero has fallen short of 2% for 70% scores; (the bare minimum which is required for even applying to a reputed academic institution).
Reading his scores, Aalekh felt that the dream, which he fancied, has now become unattainable and unreal.
"Now What? How do I show my pomp?" He thought.

He wouldn't have even imagined, in his scariest of the dreams for an admission in a low profiled academic institution.

..and it's at these low moments in one's life, the grey-haired family members come to the rescue.

Aalekh was a frequenter at his granny's every evening and he opened his heart in front of his granny.

"Aalekh, you should have studied harder!" She said firmly and continued ..

"There is no short cut to success. Now all, that you can do, is submit your application in all the reputed colleges and Pray to the Almighty wholeheartedly for an inclusion".

Aalekh nodded his head as if he was the most obedient boy in the entire world and in a feeble voice he assured "Yea Granny I would study harder from this academic year on". "But, would my prayers be answered?" He looked at the Granny's face as if to get an affirmation.

"Dear Grandson" !! exclaimed the ever-loving Granny," IF you wish something from your heart wholeheartedly, the whole of the universe would conspire to make your wish come true" "You keep Praying" Granny consoled him slowly caressing his shoulders.

Consoling words of his beloved granny kept echoing in his ears and he blindly followed what she instructed.

He prayed, prayed and prayed!!!

As Alekh visited each institution for submitting the application he did a sneak peak on the scores and percentile of the gathered crowd (student candidates) there and realized that he was the only one who had scored so low marks.

His teenage heart sank !! His hopes were running down the drains. He thought to himself "Will I ever be able to secure admission in any of the reputed academic institution".

Days and weeks flew off and Aalekh did not receive any interview calls from any of the institutions.

Aalekh was gradually moving to a depressed state.

Now, he stopped mingling with his friends to keep himself tied @ home.

While this continued, Aalekh's aunt visited him one day and heard Aalekh. She said, "Come Sonny! Let's go and meet one of my friend who is a lecturer at St.Albert's College. Let's see if he could help you out in this scenario".

Aalekh,was very unsure whether he wanted to accompany his aunt to the lecturers residence for the admission. However, he decided to meet Mr.Lecturer friend.

The lecturer friend informed "See, being a Christian college the preference is given to Christian students, not to Hindus.The HOD (Head of the Department) for the commerce department himself is a FATHER who also takes sessions and he does not recommend any of the non-Christian students".

However, the lecturer friend wrote a 2 incher note and passed it on to Aalekh informing him that "as you have not received any interview call card from the institution, this chit would assist you to reach the interviewer so that you can try your luck. The rest would depend on your scores and rankings. I cannot push you further, into getting an admission in the institution" He signed off.

Aalekh's heart shattered. The ray of hope not even visible on the horizon.

However, Aalekh continued Praying.

Thus arrived the interview day. As instructed by the lecturer friend, Aalekh, showed the chit along with the score cards to the interviewer. After a few minutes, Aalekh was told, of his selection and was given the joining date to his dream college.

Aalekh was on cloud nine.

Pompously he informed his aunt and his mom that he was selected because of his scores and not due to a recommendation.

First day in the college :

Aalekh is seated in the first row.

Fr. Cornelius. the HOD arrives with Pomp & Grandeur. A short, stout man in his early 50's, with neatly ironed clothes and a BALD head. Looks like a Hitler sorts..!!

The HOD enters the classroom and in a roaring voice, he quizzes "Who is Aalekh?"

Hearing this, Aalekh was dumbstruck. Shivering, he stood up and in a feeble voice said "Father, it's me. Did I do anything wrong? ".

"Yes Aalekh" father reverted in his roaring voice, however with a smile and continued “I trust you are a strong believer in God Almighty which made you his beloved Child. That's the only reason you could secure an admission here in this institution."

Aalekh was still confused not knowing what was happening.

!! It's the result of a MIRACLE that you are admitted here!!

Father Continued... “On the day of the interview, I had ringed up the interviewer to instruct him to admit the boy who would approach him with a chit".

Now here's where you have been blessed by the Lord.

After a few minutes of my discussion with the interviewer, as destined, you approach him with the chit. The interviewer falls PREY to mistaken identity, and you were admitted.

The candidate, who I recommended, couldn't attend the interview on time as his vehicle punctured.

This incident is nothing less than a Miracle.

Hearing the incident, Aalekh had goose bumps. All, he could see, was an angelic aura around Fr. Cornelius.

Aalekh, could hear loud applause from his classmates, for, they were praising him for being God's beloved Child.

Thus on the very first day, Aalekh became a Superhero amongst his colleagues.

Aalekh - Is a Hindu Brahmin doing his Masters in a Christian college.


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30th Dec 2014


mum watching tv 
wifey in the hair salon
kitchen is empty

29th Dec 2014


Alarm bell wakes me 
out I rush for milking cows
but cows are still snoozing


 milk in the bottle
Mom busy draping  saree
Lil baby angry

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Heart unfurls,
To a splendorous terrene,
A terrene so serene,
A celestial terrain,
A terrain of tranquilness,
With a snowy breeze,
Reigned by the Holy Spirt.


My eyes blink to unfurl,
A  terrene so clamorous,
A terrene so barbarous,
A terrain so chaotic,
A terrain so mortal,
With a scorching blow,
Reigned by the Evil Spirit.


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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Am petrified to smile
For,woeful are my stars
With the sheen lost

Am alarmed to smile
For,the boat i travel is rocked
and the Shore never found

My smile, frozen
With each devastation
and mounting sorrows

My smile, dazed
With faith sunken 
and derailed bliss

My smile, baffled
With isolation 
and forfeited euphoria

My smile, spooked
as I am deserted
among the barbarous

My smile, Expectant
of Love, compassion
& empathy

Alas, eternally evaded by the Trio !
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jasmines bloom,stirring up my heart

Lunatic Moon shimmer,igniting love

Her Tresses scintillate,throbbing my emotions

Demure in her eyes, sedate my senses

Smile on her lips, fascinate me

The kohl on her eyes, seem like the summer clouds

Her touch, fan the flames of passionate lust

Her scent, stimulate my desires

Her skin tone, whip up lewdness

Her curves, appeal my eyes

I crave a sight of her rawness

My physical self, covet intimacy

Contrary, My Fancies hit the Zenith of Orgasm - with her SIMPLICITY !

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Monday, December 15, 2014

I am born
I recognize "her''
She's - my "Mumma"

Her face hidden by her palms
The palms, my to-be cradle

I am her shame, not glory

I am denounced
I am graced by rag-pickers

I cry for being fed
I weep to be caressed
I wail for security

I shed tears, as I am being abused
I howl in pain, when beaten
I break down,
When I see look-alike of "her"

I mourn my birth
I, the outcome of Lust!
Love & Lust - each with 4 alphabets
Love is Owned
Lust swept under rug

Oh, Ma! I am 'You'
Yet,  Scarred by the Umbilical cord!

© 2014 Ajay Pai (Reserved)  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I wish I'd be a Poet
Desirous of You 

I caged you in my heart, hoping to gaze at you
You, craved for liberation, to fly beyond horizon

My emotions for you, brimming over my heart
Apathy, running over yours

I longed for a caring glance, to pierce my heart
Passing Stare of a stranger was the slice in my kitty 

Your thought enticed me
Whereas, your words dissuade

Demure in your eyes, I fancied
Alas, Cockiness beamed through 

Life was my Gift

Death your command.

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Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Corporate life - is Maya. (in the crudest sense - it's a SHAM).

One believes the corporate world to be the most sophisticated. The basis for such a belief is the reason that all the members in the corporate arena are - educated ones.

But this incident, would force us to re-think on such misconceptions which we bore within us for ages.

The incident:                             

                    An MNC company had placed an advertisement for recruiting candidates, for their newly set up marketing and sales department.

Komalavalli, aged 21,(a typical village belle) was shortlisted for the interview for the role of marketing cum sales executive, which was scheduled to be held in the corporate office situated in Bangalore, the IT city.

She  arrived at the venue along with her father Mr.Siddhalingaiah. Now, these fellow beings, as the name proposes, are typical south Indians and are familiar with a few of the Hindi words which they have picked up from the movies.

On reaching the venue, the receptionist gave them a warm welcome and collected the resume from Komalavalli, and asked them to be seated next to the room where the interview would commence.

Though seated, both dad and his baby girl were uncomfortable for some unknown reason and had a strong sense of being a misfit in that corporate environment.

After a while, as they were anxiously waiting, the misfits, witnessed, a group of 10, entering the room which was booked for the interview.

The bullish guy who led the team, bore the badge of a Team Manager, was a grumpy guy with a gigantic belly and a silky head (resembling a Villain). He was followed by a group of youngsters including charming  boys and pretty girls.

Siddhalingaiah was very uncomfortable on this sight as he was very primitive in his thoughts when it came to his daughter mingling with her male counterparts.(that too within closed cabinets).

Siddhalingaiah was anxious in knowing what was brewing up behind the closed doors.He kept his ears on the wall so that he could hear the conversation going on within.

Breaking the silence, he could hear a grumpy, heinous, unpleasant voice,

हम्म .. बताओ की  आज कितनों से मिले? कितनोसे उठाया? कितनों  को बेचा? 

चुप क्यूँ हो तुम लोग? 

धंधा कुछ हुआ कि  नहीं? धंधे पे ध्यान किसी का है के  भी नहीं ! धंधा नहीं हुआ तो रोकड़ा नही मिलेगा! धंधा होना है तो शर्मिन्दगी छोड़नी होगी!

धंधा ? ehh !! 

Siddhalingaiah was shocked. He couldn't believe what he heard! Is this a sham? Is this interview scheduled for recruiting  call girls and escort boys?  

How can they be so open about धँधा? Are these guys a part of a sex racket, who deceive youngsters and molest them? Is this some sort of immoral trafficking?

Completely shaken, Siddhalingaiah grabbed the hand of his daughter, dragged her out of the corporate office and grumbled with anger..

"You are not gonna work".  "Am gonna get you married, come let's go home".


PS:  धंधा   also known as PROSTITUTION.  Knowingly or by virtue of ignorance, these are the kind of words which are used in the Corporate world.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sunaina (aged 19) and Rahul (aged 23 ), were nicknamed "Love Birds" during their college days. 

They made a picture perfect pair; however, they denied any such affair.  

The age bracket of 18-23, falls in the rebellious bracket, that, one wouldn't be able to differentiate between love and infatuation.

Sunaina, was the single girl child from the Nair family and Rahul, the youngest brat of the Choudhury's.

Maybe, that's why they say "Opposites Attract". But, this was an extreme attraction of the opposites.

However, the Parent Cult, surprisingly agreed to their marriage. (Though being an inter cast marriage). The society as a matter of fact couldn't digest and accept it. 
The marriage of the so-called "Love Birds" became the magnum opus of the decade. 

Days and months passed, everything seemed to be perfect just as their marriage photo..

..Until, Sunaina's mother called up. 

She advised her little daughter "You need to have an upper hand in the family and your opinion should be the final say" saying this she disconnected her sweet poisoned call.

(The kids are brought up and moulded from their childhood,  to be obedient, that kids like Sunaina would blindly follow the instructions without even analyzing the pros and cons of it).

Her mother's message created ripples in the thought process of Sunaina. She had begun, to be under the spell of her mom's venomous advise.

Raj reached home that evening and seemed to be jubilant and joyful. He ran to the kitchen where his mother was baking a Chocolate cake for her beloved son and his wife.

Raj embraced his mom and whispered in her ears, "Mumma! I won an award in the office today"; just the way he used to do when he was a kid.

(After all, for any son his mother would be closer to heart than anyone else, as they were bonded with the Umbilical Cord for 9 months).

Post sharing the joy with his mom,  Raj rushed to his room to share his happiness with Sunaina.

She was seated on their cosy bed, facing the wall, with her head bowed down.

Raj had naughty thoughts, and he bolted the bedroom door.With a naughty smile, he approached her from behind and playfully with both his palms covered her eyes; and adding to his surprise, he could sense that she had tears overflowing and gushing down her cheeks. 

Raj was alarmed not knowing the reason for her tears.

Then she said the most dreadful -

"You don't love me anymore, and that's the reason you shared about your laurel first with your mom and not me". Saying this, she started weeping as if she was abused.

The sweetness of her words had transformed to being Venomous.

Reference Wikipedia :

Saptapadi - As per the Hindu marriage ceremony, after tying the Mangalysutra  ( Holy thread )the newly wed couple take seven steps around the holy fire and take a VOW:

"Now let us make a vow together. We shall share love, share the same food, share our strengths, share the same tastes. We shall be of one mind, we shall observe the vows together. I shall be the Samaveda, you the Rigveda, I shall be the Upper World, you the Earth; I shall be the Sukhilam, you the Holder - together we shall live and beget children, and other riches; come thou, O sweet-worded girl !

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Monday, December 8, 2014

All of us love to lead a fairy tale life. Isn't it?

I would say “Yes”.

'Yes' because, I (fancy) to be in the comfort zone of life and do hate struggle.

But for how long would this craving exist?  Maybe few a days or months. 

It is true that the challenges and problems, always add the 'extra' spice in one's life. One gets to know the true colors of people, who otherwise seem to be your well wishers.

Though, they add the extra spice, I would love to have only those kinds of problems in my life, which I can sort it individually, together with the family or with the assistance of my dear ones.

Hence, I pray to the Supremo Uno, to give me strength, courage and presence of mind, to face each day as it comes, and help, walk me through it gracefully.

Now let's analyze; Of the two schools of thoughts (given below), any one can be chosen, when faced with challenges:

1.           Wear saffron, and take the spiritual way claiming that the obstacles and problems are due to "My Karma" in the past life.

2.            Battle out your problems by FACING them.

I vote for the later.

               Whichever path one chooses, he is bound to be bruised.  Why don't we face it then?

               However, there is no hard & fast rule for which school of thought to be followed.

                One cannot, in any way ridicule the other who is following the school of thought which he believes in and vice versa.

Would love to hear your opinion?

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Prayer -

There are some days, when one wishes to be left alone to interact and ponder with one's thoughts.

You then chatter, you argue, you console, you pacify, you feel saddened, you feel overjoyed, with your inner soul.

All these feelings gush in, penetrate and pass through you.

As an onlooker you converse with your soul.

One such conversation:

I thank you, Oh Lord, for you have given me in abundance, what ever, i had relished and craved ages back.

But, now my priorities have changed and my needs too.I have stopped craving for what i had asked for ages back !

I was lost in this material world and i wished you would appear from the vaccuum to guide me through my path to help me reach my destination. 

Am left confused not knowing who is a friend and a foe.

I have now become fragile.

I am seated on the cross-roads of life not knowing which Path to follow.

But then, you appeared, held my hand, guided me to a more complex and entangled arena and you left me there to unwind the complexities all by myself.

 I need you now, Oh lotus eyed !

When i was a child, i felt your presence within me, i could rely on you at any given point and i was sure that i  would be taken care off by you , just as a father would, to his son.

But as i grew up, you make me feel that am your foster son.

Am unsure, what changes occurred within me in these years, that, am no more your beloved.

Are these my childish thoughts which has cropped up within me, due to my insecurities?

Am eagerly awaiting with my head bowed on your lotus feet, for you to embrace me and wipe off my insecurities.

You are the only HOPE ! Embrace Me and fill color to my life.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Have you ever felt of being suffocated?

I have, and, very often experienced the stress of being suffocated.

My body squirms, heart beats rise, and I feel numb. My throat goes dry, I gasp for air, and I strain myself for inhaling fresh air. 

My heart, I feel is chained in an airtight gas chamber, which is as humongous as a matchbox.

I am saddened, and I wonder "Why is that, I cannot be "Me"?

I feel dejected and agitated within, when I am not being accepted by my dear ones. I am yet to understand and explore the reason of me being misunderstood. My intentions don’t have any value.

On several occasions, I have felt that I exist only to fulfill expectations of the 2nd soul who is not "Me".

I expect that I would be asked, about my feelings, my expectations, my desires, my likes and dislikes. But alas, it would always remain as an unfulfilled craving to be loved and cared for.

As the technology and communications industry reach newer heights, My Soul touches the newer bottom.

My feelings, my intentions, my eyes now fail to communicate.

My SOUL has departed from ME.