Saturday, November 15, 2014

!! A Mother Will Always Make A Way !!

This evening  as I was browsing through my Facebook account, I found  an image on my Friend's page.


I was hooked with the image. Was the image trying to say something on my face?

Mother: An Epitome of Love, Sacrifice and a Be-Selfless Being. 

Unsure, how many emotions/ words will qualify to describe the  most sacred and serene word – Mother.

This being the case, I have always noticed that the female gender is always made fun of,  for being overtly self-conscious on how they look.  It is said that they are also readily available to give an eye to attain the so-called Perfect Figure.

However, as they attain motherhood, these creations - who hail from Mars -  become so flexible  that they are surprisingly willing to lose the so-called perfect figure and undergo a DRASTIC change in those NINE Months, only to CREATE another LIFE.  

I guess,  that these species understand that the JOY of LIFE does not come from the materialistic world,(An early enlightenment - if I could say), but being selfless.

Isn't it amazing?

They would be feeling Nausea-tic, would have a swollen leg … etc but no complaints are heard.

How is this even possible?  

Also, never heard of a Mother Cussing her Baby in the womb for her discomfort. She still keeps her hands on her tummy to caress the baby as if she is caressing the baby as in her lap.

Even in those 9 months, no responsibilities are shrugged off. The Juggling act between office & Home is perfectly done.
Do they carry home, the lingering thoughts of office ? I doubt, may be in the rarest of the scenarios.
Amazing courage is shown by the to-be MOTHER , when it comes to a C-section or be the normal labor delivery.

Wonder, where this strength comes from?

Be it a C-section or a Normal Delivery, Mother is a Mother. The feelings, emotions, caring and love towards the novice remain the same.

Hats off to all those Mothers -  who have the sensitivity, courage and patience to sail through the toughest of the days : "THE NINE MONTHS"

PS: Image courtesy Google.