Thursday, June 6, 2019

She wore a polka-dotted frock
and, a teasing smile
as she passed by the door;
there was fire
and, I was burning
in the gaze of her smokey eyes;
she flicked her hair
and, through the curls
a wink at me she hurled
as the church bell chimed,
I went on my knees
I asked her
Will you marry me?

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
6th June 2019

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

She hummed into my ears
a forlorn song
I am now slumberless
I keep whining
into the shadows of the dark
about the fables
of my not-so-happy past.
O' my gloomy heart
I weep all my way to the dawn.
Darkness - my old friend
Do you have an account of my tears
and her songs
those gloomy songs
whose tunes have crippled my love

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
21st May 2019

What have I become?

A young boy of tender age, I was
Our lives were simpler;
through the window of my dining room
beyond the horizon, I saw a rainbow
and, clouds like the  snowflakes
though, the clouds often poured upon us
and, we sank in the troubles unknown
aloft, I had held my dreams.

Now that I have grown up
I wonder, what have I become?
Bleak has become the twinkle of my eyes
hopeless the days
forlorn the nights

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
5th June 2019


Monday, June 3, 2019

I am Saffron

the Sun has risen at dusk
the Monk with the wrinkles
holds My Beliefs aloft
tranquility breezes in
soothes my nerves
I was a relic, a past
But now, I have surged up
like a tide in the Ocean
and, I announce
Saffron I breathe
Saffron I breathe
Saffron I breathe
Saffron - my existence

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
May 23rd 2019

Do you know ?
your pale, flawless eyes
as I gaze  into them
when I am drunk
though seem lifeless
leads me to the arena, which is sinful
you are the Poison? are you my Poison?
yea, my Sweet poison
let me taste you, to the last drop
that which trickle from your lower lip
love, let me be the slave
drive me crazy
through the rhythm of the night
let me ignite some innocent love,
so fierceful
in this garden of love

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
May 27th 2019


It is so easy
to drown my troubles
in a glass of whiskey
the sorrows fizzle out
like the froth in whiskey

as I sip a mouthful
happy days of yesterday
breach the brim of my hopeless heart 
and, I mourn for my glory days

I gulp an another sip of whiskey
But then, like the ice cubes
the imprints of my happy days
keep floating to the surface of my thoughts, 
I stifle a giggle
And, I soak myself, yet again in whiskey

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
28th May 2019

What do I say?
What should I call, myself?
A fool?

Why do I love someone?
Why do I fall for someone?
Why do I hurt myself?
Over and over again.

Because I am a fool.

Time and again
I feel I have found my love
But, none can hold -
a passing breeze, can they?

I am here holding onto my breath
for want of love
and, to be fooled again.

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 29th May 2019
Lilac Wine.   (S)

O' my Moonpie
pour me some lilac wine
smear it on me
with your wholesome lips
let me taste the sweetness
soak in the dizziness
and, be unsteady.

O' Moonpie, my heart is heavy
for I've lost my love
my tears have dried up
my heart is now a grave
and, I mourn a silent wail
making my soul a barren land
pour me some love
sink me in lilac wine
until I am giddy
until I am unsteady.

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
3rd June 2019