Sunday, November 23, 2014

!! They Stuffed Cotton into MY Nostril !!

Life is such a mystery.

I have always failed to understand "LIFE".

I was tired and stressed up that Friday night. Though tired, I was happy as weekend was round the corner.

As I was tired and exhausted, I decided to skip my dinner and to hit the bed straightaway.

As I cuddled into the coziness of the blanket, she embraced me. Her arms felt lifeless and were chilled. I wondered why she kissed me on my forehead. Was it with love?

I fell fast asleep. I had amazing plans with my family that Saturday.  With a naughty smile I slowly glided into deep slumber.

The clock ticked ferociously and I heard  the alarm ring. It was 5:15 AM. I snoozed the alarm to take a lil nap again until the next snooze.
To my surprise, I heard someone praising me. This was quite unusual and abnormal. I had never ever, received a word of praise from anyone wholeheartedly until then.

It was a familiar voice. I sharpened my ears. Who was that praising me at the DAWN? Wasn't that my aunt?

Who doesn't like the praise? But then, why would anybody praise as early as 5:30 AM? I was surprised.

However, I decided to act as if I was deep asleep and carefully listened further, The Praise

As she ended, why was she sobbing? And, why was she using PAST Tense?

I gazed outside the window; it was such a beautiful morning. I saw the Golden "Rising Sun" at the horizon and felt the wavy cool breeze. "It's an unusual day" I thought.

The chirpy birds made the Morning worth to be heard and their chirpy noise were as soothing and pleasant like the Morning Raga. The pleasant smell of the flowers at the dawn made me orgasmic.

I wondered why I was chilled and numb. This was quite an unusual feeling.

Then I heard my wife sob. I wondered, what would have made her cry? Did I say something unruly, which could have probably hurt her?

I continued to act as if I was in deep sleep and  witnessed the activities around me.

I could see my dear ones around me, with tears in their eyes.  I could make out my cousins browsing up the phone book and dialing up people through their  iPhones.

After a while I could see my relatives rushing in. I had not met them in the past ten years. The reason being: family feuds and geographical distance.

Wow! I could meet all of them today. I was thrilled with excitement. But their faces were gloomy.

I could hear them talking huskily and saying, how good and adorable I was.

Then I saw one of my colleague carrying a Bouquet which had most lovable words:
"You were dear to us; and we will miss you".

They had never expressed their feelings towards me earlier like the way they did. Was it my b'day? I lay confused on my bed.

To my surprise, I was taken on to the floor by four of my family members and they tied my toes together and they stuffed cotton into my nose.

!! I was dead last Friday night @ around Ten past Ten!!

It's such a contradiction, that, when you are no more, PEOPLE around you Praise you and Say- "You will be Missed!"

Disclaimer: The Protagonist mentioned in the story as "I" may or may not be the narrator himself.

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