Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why did you run away from me?
Without a clue … a sign
Yeah, it is true that I hold an empty account
And, that I do not drive a car
Is that the reason why?

Gaze into my eyes
And, you’ll see the light
Of love
Just the way every inch of my skin
Has felt your caress
that ran down through your fingers 

I am sitting here feeling numb
Not knowing what to do
With an empty glass of sorrows
And, a room full of darkness

how do I say, without tears
that it hurts?

(Why did you run away from me?
Without a clue … a sign)

Copyright @ Ajay Pai
November, 7th 2017
Image courtesy :  AJ's personal archives

Friday, November 3, 2017

Her Breast :
She left me
When the night Bird sang a song

of farewell in the month of February
But, before she could leave
She offered me her voluptuous breast
Full of poison
Which I sucked until she pulled it away
Now, I wander through the night in search of her
To tell her how I spew venom.

Image courtesy : AJ's personal archive
© Ajay Pai - Sep 25th 2017