Saturday, November 29, 2014

!! Aalekh - The Flirtitious !!

And then, it so happened, that the Project manager announces that Aalekh has to be @ Onsite for next 4 months to manage a project of Prestige.

When Aalekh heard of Onsite Project, the first Country which came rushing to his thoughts was "AMERICA" 

Aalekh was superlatively excited. His heart, pumped in blood with twice the speed, as he was overwhelmed with excitement. However, Aalekh decided to underplay his emotions. (The crazy professional behaviour).

But then, it was informed that the onsite location was Amchi Mumbai and not America.

Aalekh was still happy. The thought of he boarding the flight, to Mumbai, made him drool about the journey.

He was so enthusiastic to be in @ Amchi Mumbai !! The dream city. The city, where dreams comes to LIFE.

Aalekh went on a shopping spree for his travel. After-all, this was his Maiden flight and he needed to look special.  (Winks)

                     The D-Day arrived.  The cab driver honked @ 2.30 Am to drive him to Airport.

Aalekh the Handsome, was ready to board the cab.     He had transformed himself from an Old Generation Bollywood actor to the new generation one; by waxing himself, and wore an Ultra low waist - pencil fit blue jeans paired with lemon yellow tees.

With those short tees which he wore ,one could easily make out the perfectly chiseled abs of Aalekh. 

Along with the chiseled abs, one could also get a peak-a-boo of his brand new Calvin Klein.

(Hello, now do not stare, continue reading).  :)

Yes, Aalekh was flaunting his perfectly chiseled body and was bold enough to flaunt it. After all, he was about to board the most popular flight, which had the most pretty and curvaceous air-hostesses

It's flirt time now. Aalekh thought to himself with a naughty grin.

It was first week of December and winter was at its peak.In the urge of flaunting his abs, Aalekh missed carrying warm along clothes with him.

He landed in the airport 2 hours prior the take off. Seeing the gigantic structure of the airport his eye balls almost popped out and nervousness started creeping in.He searched for his ID proof to ensure that he had carried it along with.

The kind of security check, the x-ray scanning added to his nervousness. 

He Dint want to make a fool of himself, hence he decided to be comfortable in a lounge and did a bit of breathing exercise,post which he collected his boarding pass.

Now Aalekh looked confident enough, that he decided to roam a little in the airport and he saw an outlet which had the name plate "Cafelicious".

Aalekh a coffee addict, went in to have a sip. He browsed through the menu card and "Holy Cow!"  Too many varieties of Coffee and the entire card was Greek and Latin for Aalekh.  Playing safe, he ordered Cappuccino  and a Cheese burger for which he had to shell out Rs.450/- and this was another shocker. It took him a while to stabilize his Jaw which had touched the floor.

He thought,Will this amount be refunded by the company? With a gruntling expression he paid off the bill.

By then his name was being called for boarding the flight and he ran through the boarding gate and as soon as he entered the flight,he was greeted by the Airhostess Crew and Aalekh was awesomely flattered by this.

As he gazed at the air-hostess crew, his eyes hooked on to a husky beauty.

She had the most beautiful eyes. The eyes which could mesmerize anyone. 
Uff !! her smile could make any one just follow her and the fragrance of her perfume drove him crazy. 

She had the minimal of the make-up with those smokey eyes, bronze r dusted with taupe y-bronze eye-shadow and mascara with the nude y lip gloss.

She had wavy-silky hair which she had elegantly pinned up.

Aaah !! Looks like Aalekh just lost his heart to her. 

How can one be so attractive? As he was gazing at her, the husky beauty held his hands and walked him to his seat. 

Aalekh, could hear the background song  "Dream Girl, Dream Girl, kisee shaayar ki ghazal,Dream girl .. "

As she touched him, Aalekh could feel the cool breeze which blew the red rose petals on them (as if in his fantasy dream),the fragrance of her perfume drove him crazy and he wanted to kneel in front of her and say those words " Can we have a cup of Coffee?" 

Coffee ? Uhh !! 

Definitely, Cupid had done his trick. Was this the Love at First Sight ?

Sitting on his seat,he thought how to start a conversation with his husky beauty. Aah !! he got an idea.

"Mam !! Can i have some water please"  he quizzed her. 

"Sure Sir" !! she replied.

The husky beauty gave him a bottle of Bisleri. 

Aalekh, grabbed the bottle of water and drank the entire bottle in one single gulp.

"Anything else, i could serve you with Sir"? she asked. "Yes, a glass of chilled water" he replied. 

Uhh !! Water again? Oblivious of what he was talking and ordering, Aalekh sat there totally mesmerized.

He pushed his brains to the wall of his skull, to give him ideas to continue conversations with his husky beauty.

By this time, due to the AC and the liters of water,which he drank Aalekh, had to rush to the wash room. As he unbuckled the seat belt and stood up, the aircraft shuddered; loosing his balance, he stumbled and he was falling on the floor,but there she was, his husky beauty, she held him in her arms and there laid Aalekh in the arms of his dream girl.

What he heard next was, his husky beauty, instructing him like a teacher "Sir ! Please go back to your seat. You cannot use the washroom now." There is a lot of turbulence. 

"How rude ! " he thought to himself. He tried to explain, but his dream girl, walked him to his seat again and made him sit a little forcefully and smiled at him.

Aalekh, was irritated. His abdomen was full and he wanted to empty it. He sat with his legs crossed and did not dare buckling  him to the seat, as his abdomen could not stand any more pressure.

The urge of emptying his abdomen was on its peak that Aalekh could only dream about the washroom and the commode.

 Muttering like an old hag, Aalekh sat on his seat with crossed legs, waiting for his turn to rush to the washroom.

Alas, his husky beauty was not even visible in his wildest dream till the aircraft landed.                            ______________________________________________________________________________