Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Fallen Leaf ~ from a Mother's Womb

Yesterday, a pretty looking lady in mid 50’s, approached me at the office. 

Elegantly draped in a Mangoish Yellow silk saree with a broad green border, she stood in front of me as if,  she was a goddess. 

Vermillion on her forehead was as mesmerizing as the evening Sun.

What an aura she had!   Our eyes locked, instantaneously.

But, she held a lifeless smile.  

Her eyes spoke a zillion words. She had masked the vacuum in her eyes, with a thick line of Kohl.

She passed over an envelope to me as she reached my desk.  I spread out the envelope to scan the printed official letter as a 
“Death Certificate”. 

I sat speechless and pale at my office desk.  My hands trembled as I accepted the death certificate from her.  

I made her an acknowledgment copy and replied: “Mam, it will require 15 days for processing the death claim.”

Tears rolled freely down her cheeks.  

I heard her Womb scream, howl and wail.  It was Mother’s Day the following day. 



PS: The above narrative is a real life incident and is written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer's Ezine

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