Sunday, October 26, 2014

!! GrandMa & Baby !!

October 26th 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

Scene 2 : Time Pass chat with Grandma.

It would be around 3. PM. Time for all to take a Nap.

Ishaan is in his grandma's lap and grandma is trying her level best to put him to sleep with soothing lullabies.

and then, Ishaan asks ",, why are u still called "Baby"?

Grandma Grins and replies "Baby" is my pet name; Grandson!
"Grandma" and "Baby" both names to a single person, too many contradictions, thinks Ishaan.

However, he nods his head to Grandma as if he understood. (But not convinced).

Poor thing, little does he know, that " life is all about contradictions ".
— feeling blissful.


the little princess said...

Great start Aj!!! Someday Ishaan will read all this and feel so proud of his dad!!!