Wednesday, October 29, 2014

! A tender Moment with Grandpa !

October 29th, 2014

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!! A tender Moment with Grandpa!

Ishaan's Grandpa is 71 years and healthy for his age.

This morning as I was getting ready for work. I could overhear conversations between the two Kids:

The older kid of 71 years and the younger one of 3 months.

My Dad - He's the most adorable, loving and caring person on earth.

I was eagerly waiting to hear how he pampers Ishaan. I saw him holding Ishaan's little finger and shaking his hands and talking to him in a childlike manner.

I was overwhelmed with joy.

Then he asks Ishaan -- "Oh, My beloved Grandson! Do you know me? Did you recognize me yet? I am your Grandpa! "

Hearing these words from my father, my heart sank!! I felt a pinch in my heart!

I was disturbed.

"Was I insensitive towards my Father? Did I not introduce Ishaan to him; (may be the way my Dad desired to be introduced to his Grandson).

While I was busy with Ishaan and introducing him to the entire world, even my Dad would have desired the same cosiness, warmth and introduction of Ishaan to him as well.

This evening, I decided to carry Ishaan to my Dad and after laying him on his grandpa's lap "I would Announce.. "

"..Oh, My Little One! He's your dad's dad, your Grandpa. He's the one who will make all your little wishes come true and will bear all your tantrums with a Smile.

 Grandparents are such a blessing!

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