Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pappa, Are you too 3 months Old, is it?

October 23 at 10:52pm ·

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

For a 3 months old kiddo; whatever he sees is a new experience. He would stare at all those new things with amazement. Am sure the baby is appreciating seeing new things that are different.

.. as a reason, Ishaan has an expression of a question mark on his face very often !! 

Now let me narrate the incident:

This evening, Ishaan was lying on my lap. I noticed, Ishaan was staring @ me and giggling as if he noticed something funny.

I raised my eyebrow, gesturing what the matter was?

I could read Ishaan's twinkling eyes: " Pappa! Are u also 3 months old?" He asks.

I was a little startled. I asked him: Why do u think so; my son?

"Pappa, hair is still growing on your head too, just like mine " Ishaan narrated.

I had a hearty laugh, at the innocence of my lil chimp. 

PS: Ishaans Papa is bald :)

— feeling joyful.