Monday, October 27, 2014

!! Scary Story - Part 1 !!

October 27th 2014.

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

Disclaimer : Has content which might scare you !

.. and thus arrived the much awaited Sunday !!

This is the only day Ishaan's parents get an off from work.
Mr. Senior Pai ( Ishaan's dad) had watched a spine chilling horror movie, the previous night. ( aaah! What a movie !!).
The daily activities of a dutiful dad, kept Sr.Pai quite busy till 6PM that Sunday. @6 PM the entire family went to the nearby Td Temple leaving Ishaan with his dad to baby sit.
@ around 6:15 PM the power went off due to heavy rains; and it was too dark in the entire household.

Shikes! The emergency lights too dint work; and the thoughts of the previous night horror movie started popping up into Sr.Pai's mind and Good Lord was he disturbed..?
As the power went off; Sr.Pai took his lil chimp in his arms and went to the bedroom.

Puchkipoo, was quietly sleeping as he lay him on his lap.(It was too dark; nothing was visible). All of a sudden; Sr.Pai could hear somebody weeping and crying which broke apart the silence of darkness.

..Within a fraction of second he realized that it was Lil Ishaan who was crying in the next room lying in his cradle (as a lil mosquito bit him).

If Ishaan is lying in the cradle in the next room; then who is lying in his lap?

This thought left Ishaan's dad shocked and left him shivering in his knees

To be continued !!!

feeling scared.


Unknown said...

So what was lying on your lap?

Ajay Pai said...

Now that's For u to read !! Winks ;)