Monday, October 27, 2014

!! Scary Story - Part 1 !!

October 27th 2014.

!! Ishaan Chronicles !!

Disclaimer : Has content which might scare you !

.. and thus arrived the much awaited Sunday !!

This is the only day Ishaan's parents get an off from work.
Mr. Senior Pai ( Ishaan's dad) had watched a spine chilling horror movie, the previous night. ( aaah! What a movie !!).
The daily activities of a dutiful dad, kept Sr.Pai quite busy till 6PM that Sunday. @6 PM the entire family went to the nearby Td Temple leaving Ishaan with his dad to baby sit.
@ around 6:15 PM the power went off due to heavy rains; and it was too dark in the entire household.

Shikes! The emergency lights too dint work; and the thoughts of the previous night horror movie started popping up into Sr.Pai's mind and Good Lord was he disturbed..?
As the power went off; Sr.Pai took his lil chimp in his arms and went to the bedroom.

Puchkipoo, was quietly sleeping as he lay him on his lap.(It was too dark; nothing was visible). All of a sudden; Sr.Pai could hear somebody weeping and crying which broke apart the silence of darkness.

..Within a fraction of second he realized that it was Lil Ishaan who was crying in the next room lying in his cradle (as a lil mosquito bit him).

If Ishaan is lying in the cradle in the next room; then who is lying in his lap?

This thought left Ishaan's dad shocked and left him shivering in his knees

To be continued !!!

feeling scared.

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