Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Emotions for Him !

Here comes, another wintery morning.

I am too snoozy, to open my eyes. However, I can feel him move in my blanket. His touch on my tummy tickles me. He moves upwards, on his belly, to reach my face.

Dozily I open my eyes and I see his cute toothless-dimpled smiling face. Seeing his smile, I am energized to pamper and play with him.

I cuddle him.

We stare into each other's eyes, lying there, without even blinking as if we are awestruck. "How playful his eyes are! Did I see my glimpses in his eyes?  I can see the entire universe in them." 

His wavy hair, those little ears, the fluffy cheeks, and his dusky skin ensures that people adore him. 

I feel the impulse to embrace him and never to let him go from my arms. I am alive because of his breath.

I rejoice when he playfully bows before me to touch his forehead with mine. He is my dearest when he pokes his well-crafted nose into my cheeks.

I am Him.

His lips are the sweetest when he kisses me. I do not mind his saliva smearing on my face when he kisses.

When he lay on me, I yearn to hear his heart beat. Love is the only sound which resonates in there now. The scars he leaves on my face with his little nails doesn't pain me; rather, I can sense his love for me. His kicks, I trust, reflects his eagerness to be on his feet, to be independent, to embrace the entire universe.

He is my little angel, my Son – ‘Ishaan’.