Saturday, January 3, 2015

!! Aalekh & His Obsession !!

!! The Reason Why Alekh hated his Barber!!

Let me take you to Kerala! God's own country- the land famous for coconut trees and coconut oil.

Coconut is so much a part of life here, that it’s also used as hair oil. The healthier hair growth in the State is attributed to the use of coconut hair oil. (Winks, Winks!!)

It is in this tranquil land of Kerala, garlanded with greenery, with his parents, lives our protagonist, 5-year-old Lil boy "Aalekh". 

Aalekh is very charming, with boyish looks and his trademark cuteness. His dimpled smile made him the favorite of all the grown-up he met.

His Mom's friends nicknamed him little Krishna! He is charismatic and irresistible with wheatish skin, jet black eyes, with  soft curled dark black hair.

His hair was the talk of the town. Everyone complimented for his looks. His grandma, prepared hair oil, especially for Alekh, with household ayurvedic herbs.

With so much of adulation, Lil Aalekh felt that he was somebody superior.

Years passed by. Aalekh, is in his troublesome teens now.

Aalekh's father used to stitch the most stylish clothes for the teenager. With all this adulation coming his way, Alekh, had slowly become self-obsessed.

He used to stare at his own mirror image, commenting and praising on his looks. 

Oh, he considered himself a Greek God.

Each day he donned the hair style of different actors. The entire neighborhood was amused to see this kid with varied fashion statements.

However, bimonthly Sundays were traumatic for little Alekh; as it was time for the haircut.

He hated Sundays.

Post the haircut, he hated his mirror image. He would  be very low in confidence. He would get irritated with his parents, for, they force him to the barber for a haircut. These tantrums continued till the hair re-grows to normalcy.

Alekh, would playfully make fun of his dad, by patting his dad's silky smooth head.

He couldn't take criticism about the way he looked and his appearance, from any.

And then one fine day @ the salon, the barber commented "Alekh, by the time you are 26, you are going to be like your father."

The Barber could read that Alekh couldn't solve the puzzle.

He continued, Yea Sonny!! You heard it right: You are going to be BALD!!

PS: Aalekh was oblivious of the fact that baldness is hereditary in his family.

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