Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tukaram Gopal OMBLE - "In Remembrance of 26/11 Martyrs

Tukaram Gopal Omble - The Hero.

As  reached home from the office, I switch on the TV, to see a flash news, which reads as

"In Remembrance of 26/11 Martyrs".

In the rat race of life and work, I had forgotten the relevance of this date. I had to stress my brain out, to remember that the dates symbolized MUMBAI BLASTS.

With curiosity, my eyes googled for the photo images of the Martyrs of 26/11 in the net. The eye candy image, which caught the  attention, was of Tukaram Gopal OMBLE (Rank Havaldar).

Omble was an ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector) with the Mumbai Police. His squad was under-equipped for fencing any terror attack. However, he managed to kill one of the terrorists and arrest the other one who was taken alive -Ajmal Kasab.

Unarmed, Omble held onto the rifle of the injured Ajmal Kasab, enabling other officers to arrest him. In the process, Ajmal fired several shots, killing Omble.

I gazed at the picture of Mr.Omble, he looked a typical middle-class Indian citizen (not a superhero, like most of us). I could see his eyes twinkling. Were they trying to tell me something in a subtle manner? Maybe yes. I could get a glimpse of what his eyes spoke.

His eyes spoke volumes. Volumes about his dreams for his family, his children, their studies, marriage etc.

All of this was shattered at the gunpoint of Ajmal Kasab. I further resolved to dwell more in the OMBLE family.

They were a family of six, comprising his wife and four daughters, two of whom were married.

This means back in 2008, when the attack took place the other two daughters would have been too young.

Now, this gave me goosebumps.

I thought to myself - When Omble held onto the rifle of Ajmal Kasab, did he not think of his daughters and his wife? Their fate, if he was killed by the terrorists? Did he not think, who would take care of his family?

He must have had this thought, at least for a fraction of a second. But he dared, which we might not have, given his circumstances. May be Omble could foresee a larger picture - The Nation and its security.

It's a well-known fact that, Omble was under armed to fight the terrorists. He could have easily saved himself by not crossing the way of the terrorists, (may be).

However, he was determined and held onto the rifle of Ajmal Kasab, only to rescue his fellow social beings. (The so-called civilians of the civilized society.)

This act of his makes, Tukaram Omble a selfless citizen in a selfish world.

He was bestowed with Ashok Chakra - The highest Peacetime Gallantry award by the Govt.

Finally, a gallantry award. Great. But I still had questions to myself.

The vacuum which was created in a snap second, by the abrupt death of a bread earner of a family, can that loss be equaled?

What could be the emotions and thoughts that would have gushed into the minds of his family members hearing the news of his demise?

I did read somewhere that Tukaram was a Havaldar. Am sure that he would not have been able to amass wealth to secure the future of his family members as he would not have anticipated any such mishap.

The head of the family is no more and none to hand hold the family.

As a ritual, the family of Omble, would be remembered year on year on this date 26/11.

Do these sacrifices have no value and outcome?

Mrs.Omble,has lit a lamp in front of his framed photograph, wherein she replenishes oil each time the flames starts dropping.

Let me hope, that the light from the lamp which is lit in front of Omble's photograph be the ray of hope for the rest of us.

Let the ray be so powerful that it awakens the consciousness of the authorities who rule our nation and may they take such necessary steps to build a:

Strong Unified India.

The Undying Spirit of Mumbaikars - After each attack, I hear this statement. I wonder, what would a normal layman do? He has to run, to earn his piece of bread.

Does he have a choice?

In such circumstances, he has no option but to wear this Mask of 'undying spirit', which is a double-edged sword.

On one side, the statement showcases the True Spirit of Mumbaikars to rise from the ashes. On the flip side, the statement induces and silently inculcates into the psyche of Mumbaikars, that they should be used to such atrocities which would continue happening in Mumbai and to move on with life without registering their protest.

Hey Mumbaikar!! Do you feel safe in Mumbai?

PS: Image courtesy Google.