Wednesday, January 14, 2015


“I” am the modern day social being. I am highly educated. I speak English with an American accent.  I showcase sensitivity. I use the latest gadgets. I have an iPhone stuffed in my jeans pocket.  

I am a part of several social groups in social media. I talk of being kind to fellow beings. I condemn the terrorist attack. I talk volumes, about love and compassion towards fellow beings.  I “comment”, “like” and “share” all the posts and pictures which narrate the story of a NEEDY.

While I was busy doing all the above, a lady in her mid 70’s knocks my car window and requests for a drop to the shopping mall the next street.

She looks tired and sweaty. She looks hungry too. She was in NEED.

But I shoo her away, (as per me)she  was only portraying as if she was in NEED, and I continue to “LIKE” the post written for being sensitive towards senior citizens.

Oops! I missed mentioning - I am a HYPOCRITE too.

PS: image courtesy Google.