Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hog Pig !

I enjoy holidays and holidaying. For me, an ideal holiday is being able to relax with my family/ extended family members.

The irony here is being a banker, I rarely get a week off. However, when one such wish is granted after continual prayers and cajoling to the Lord of Banks, The RBI (Reserve Bank of India), I rush to my native Kerala. (God's Own Country).

We are from Konkani community and I crave the typical Konkani cuisine.

When I am in Kerala, I make it a point to visit all my relatives and capture all those moments on my Smart Phone to be cherished at a later point in time.

The overwhelming love and warmth shared by all my relatives is beyond my words of description. I am not an introvert. I don’t act pricey; neither have I shied off from hogging the sweets and the yummy delicacies offered to me out of love by my relatives.

I have never felt the need to wear a mask in front of my own family members.

And then one day, I visit one of my aunt (hypothetical) at her residence and thereafter what happened is for you to comprehend.

You persuaded me
To visit your abode

The smile on your face
The love and caring expressed
I was certain of being genuine

The delicacies you cooked for me
I thought was out of affection

After all, you were a mother-like figure to me
But alas, I was devastated
With you ridiculing me

You called me names
I became a hog-pig, a guy with a big belly

The delicacy you offered
Has now turned to poison
Please know,
The poison has its effect
It’s crumbled our relation

I wonder, how can a mother (like)
ridicule her son

Oh, Aunt! Please note, I have typed these liners,
As a dedication to you, with my MIDDLE FINGER!