Saturday, December 13, 2014

DHANDHA - A Minute story

Corporate life - is Maya. (in the crudest sense - it's a SHAM).

One believes the corporate world to be the most sophisticated. The basis for such a belief is the reason that all the members in the corporate arena are - educated ones.

But this incident, would force us to re-think on such misconceptions which we bore within us for ages.

The incident:                             

                    An MNC company had placed an advertisement for recruiting candidates, for their newly set up marketing and sales department.

Komalavalli, aged 21,(a typical village belle) was shortlisted for the interview for the role of marketing cum sales executive, which was scheduled to be held in the corporate office situated in Bangalore, the IT city.

She  arrived at the venue along with her father Mr.Siddhalingaiah. Now, these fellow beings, as the name proposes, are typical south Indians and are familiar with a few of the Hindi words which they have picked up from the movies.

On reaching the venue, the receptionist gave them a warm welcome and collected the resume from Komalavalli, and asked them to be seated next to the room where the interview would commence.

Though seated, both dad and his baby girl were uncomfortable for some unknown reason and had a strong sense of being a misfit in that corporate environment.

After a while, as they were anxiously waiting, the misfits, witnessed, a group of 10, entering the room which was booked for the interview.

The bullish guy who led the team, bore the badge of a Team Manager, was a grumpy guy with a gigantic belly and a silky head (resembling a Villain). He was followed by a group of youngsters including charming  boys and pretty girls.

Siddhalingaiah was very uncomfortable on this sight as he was very primitive in his thoughts when it came to his daughter mingling with her male counterparts.(that too within closed cabinets).

Siddhalingaiah was anxious in knowing what was brewing up behind the closed doors.He kept his ears on the wall so that he could hear the conversation going on within.

Breaking the silence, he could hear a grumpy, heinous, unpleasant voice,

हम्म .. बताओ की  आज कितनों से मिले? कितनोसे उठाया? कितनों  को बेचा? 

चुप क्यूँ हो तुम लोग? 

धंधा कुछ हुआ कि  नहीं? धंधे पे ध्यान किसी का है के  भी नहीं ! धंधा नहीं हुआ तो रोकड़ा नही मिलेगा! धंधा होना है तो शर्मिन्दगी छोड़नी होगी!

धंधा ? ehh !! 

Siddhalingaiah was shocked. He couldn't believe what he heard! Is this a sham? Is this interview scheduled for recruiting  call girls and escort boys?  

How can they be so open about धँधा? Are these guys a part of a sex racket, who deceive youngsters and molest them? Is this some sort of immoral trafficking?

Completely shaken, Siddhalingaiah grabbed the hand of his daughter, dragged her out of the corporate office and grumbled with anger..

"You are not gonna work".  "Am gonna get you married, come let's go home".


PS:  धंधा   also known as PROSTITUTION.  Knowingly or by virtue of ignorance, these are the kind of words which are used in the Corporate world.

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