Friday, December 5, 2014

!! At Your Lotus Feet - Oh Lord !!

A Prayer -

There are some days, when one wishes to be left alone to interact and ponder with one's thoughts.

You then chatter, you argue, you console, you pacify, you feel saddened, you feel overjoyed, with your inner soul.

All these feelings gush in, penetrate and pass through you.

As an onlooker you converse with your soul.

One such conversation:

I thank you, Oh Lord, for you have given me in abundance, what ever, i had relished and craved ages back.

But, now my priorities have changed and my needs too.I have stopped craving for what i had asked for ages back !

I was lost in this material world and i wished you would appear from the vaccuum to guide me through my path to help me reach my destination. 

Am left confused not knowing who is a friend and a foe.

I have now become fragile.

I am seated on the cross-roads of life not knowing which Path to follow.

But then, you appeared, held my hand, guided me to a more complex and entangled arena and you left me there to unwind the complexities all by myself.

 I need you now, Oh lotus eyed !

When i was a child, i felt your presence within me, i could rely on you at any given point and i was sure that i  would be taken care off by you , just as a father would, to his son.

But as i grew up, you make me feel that am your foster son.

Am unsure, what changes occurred within me in these years, that, am no more your beloved.

Are these my childish thoughts which has cropped up within me, due to my insecurities?

Am eagerly awaiting with my head bowed on your lotus feet, for you to embrace me and wipe off my insecurities.

You are the only HOPE ! Embrace Me and fill color to my life.