Monday, December 8, 2014

AJ's Thoughts - Which Path to Choose ?

All of us love to lead a fairy tale life. Isn't it?

I would say “Yes”.

'Yes' because, I (fancy) to be in the comfort zone of life and do hate struggle.

But for how long would this craving exist?  Maybe few a days or months. 

It is true that the challenges and problems, always add the 'extra' spice in one's life. One gets to know the true colors of people, who otherwise seem to be your well wishers.

Though, they add the extra spice, I would love to have only those kinds of problems in my life, which I can sort it individually, together with the family or with the assistance of my dear ones.

Hence, I pray to the Supremo Uno, to give me strength, courage and presence of mind, to face each day as it comes, and help, walk me through it gracefully.

Now let's analyze; Of the two schools of thoughts (given below), any one can be chosen, when faced with challenges:

1.           Wear saffron, and take the spiritual way claiming that the obstacles and problems are due to "My Karma" in the past life.

2.            Battle out your problems by FACING them.

I vote for the later.

               Whichever path one chooses, he is bound to be bruised.  Why don't we face it then?

               However, there is no hard & fast rule for which school of thought to be followed.

                One cannot, in any way ridicule the other who is following the school of thought which he believes in and vice versa.

Would love to hear your opinion?