Thursday, November 17, 2016

The childhood that I never had..

The pungent smell of the rain
Drenches me in its nostalgic drizzle,
I am soaking in the faint memories of my childhood
That I never had.

Dad’s wake-up kiss
His warmth
Never breached the brim of his heart;
Articulating love was forbidden.

Mom’s love packed in the lunch box
Was blatantly mild,
It savored the hunger
Leaving the child in me starving for love.

The ride on dad’s bicycle to the school
Were the joyous rides ever;
The child that I never was
Was thrilled.

The blooms were gorgeous
The trees were green
And, the child that I never was
Bore a chubby cheek.

The sound of rain
On an old tin roof
Reminds me of my tender phase
Of being pristine and hopeful.

But then, the pungent smell of the rain
Carried thunders and storms
In the droplets
And, the child in me was put to sleep.

Copyright  @ Ajay Pai 2016   | Image courtesy: AJ's personal collections