Monday, July 27, 2015

A Lazy Yawn

If at all, yes, if at all,  I had magical powers, I would have banished Mr.Sun (the brightest star) to a land, where he will never rise and shine!

Hey You!
The Round sized one,
Mr. Sun,
Aren’t you lazy?

I warn You!
Do not, Do not,
Poke  me with your Rays.

I know!
You don’t have a kid,
Chronic Bachelor
That you are,
You sleep sound at night.

Gaze upon,
‘tis  a murky morning,
of mist and dew.

How I wish,
You miss the alarm,
You be entangled by deep slumber.

I utter,
Let the clouds freeze upon you!
I create, what I say :)

Oh, Mother, 
My Sweet Moma,
Do me a favour!
 Pull me a warm blanket,
 Let me, Puh-lease!

Let me fall asleep.

Nah, Naah, Naaah,
Nope, I don’t feel the need,
To rise and shine,
For I am too lazy,
To wake up premature.

Aaah! Yawn, yaawn!

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© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)     
 Image Courtesy: Lazy Morning