Sunday, July 26, 2015

His First step.

Ishaan, has turned One-year-old today and he’s begun to toddle.  However, his Papa  is worried.  

What could be the reason? Read on.

The Lil one toddles.


One step to the fore,
Two steps lateral,
The toddler wobbles.

His tiny Lil steps,
Now adventurous.
His Lil feet fragile,
But focused.

Zigzag, the toddler waddles.

Step ahead he’s got,
Into the dark,
Ready to explore the unknown.

May the Guardian Fairy
Be his lantern,
May the Glowing Sun
Keep the evil away.

Am paranoid,
For, the  world out there
Is rough and tricky.

Leaving my little finger,
 he walks in haste,

Turn around, Oh Lil One!
For, Papa stands
In anticipation,
With his arms wide open,
To carry you safe, in his arms,
 back home,


© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)
Image courtesy: AJ's Photo Collection.