Saturday, July 11, 2015

Adam, Eve & Serpentine

I have a wish.
An odd
 crazy wish.

If at all,
 i could age
How awesome it will be!
I Fancy.

Hunger for power,
 for wealth,
Hunger for fame
For lust,
Overpowers mankind.

Eve and serpentine
The root cause
For all.

Fruit of the tree,
they say,
Reason for progress
Of mankind.

Progress of mankind,
 truth or myth?

Equal were the resources then,
Unequal, are they now.

White-winged Doves
flew free then,
Vultures hover
over us now.

Eve, serpentine, the forbidden fruit,
The root cause for all.

Planet earth,
The mother earth,
 Divided and subdivided.

Color, creed, gender
now the basis.

Love, compassion
Turns Diplomatic.

Adam, bears it all
With a grin,
For he is cursed.

From Sweat of his brow,
Bread he earns.

Waiting for his turn
To turn into dust.

How i wish
The story of Genesis
was just a story.

Image Courtesy:  Pixabay