Thursday, June 18, 2015

Through the Day

The Day dawns,
With Morning dew on the leaves.

The race begins,
Sprinting towards office,
To be an achiever,
To reach the Stars.

the Financial year Stares.

The seductive grin of "Scorecard"
the Enchantress.
Alas, the Flirtatious 'enchantress'
never submissive.

The taxing customers,
The so-called customer expectation,
The run for customer delight,
Along with, the  irrational bosses,
Tantrums of the reportees.

Planning, Organizing,
Staffing, leading,
Directing, controlling,
Leading by example,
God Save,
Management and it's adjectives!

Yeah, Yeah! To 'forecast' included.

The towering targets,
The corporate politics,
Causing see-saw of emotions,
Phew!  A Prolonged day at the office.

The longest drive,
On the potholed roads,
The grilling traffic,
And the trickling sweat.

The smoke  and the  dust,
The honks of the vehicles,
The non-abiding driver,
The abusive pedestrian.

A day passes
Not knowing what has been achieved
Material Or Abstract?

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)