Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Plea of a Chicken

“Give me thy legs”
Cannibals say.

On the table
I lay numb and frozen.

My feathers plucked,
My neck slit.

My family Moan!
the flesh-eater, celebrate.

No difference, I see
You and ISIS?

I am dressed up,
Neat and pretty.
I lay motionless,
On the plate.

The Plate – My Coffin.

My family awaits
their turn in the coop,
To be Crushed.

My unborn,
Supposedly, TO BE safe,
In the ovum.

You cook, Bake
and Gulp, my Unborn.

You go Blah, Blah
About Being Human!

Aah! Humanity a fossil.

Here, the weak 

seldom practice
What you Preach!

You, Such a fake!

Oh, Human!
Don't You have a heart?

I Plead,
Live and Let live.

Every being deserves,
to live.
Live free and in glee.

Courtesy: Mercy for Animals           Image courtesy: Pexels      © 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)

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