Sunday, June 28, 2015

Liberation of the Sinner

Bountiful  sins,
Vulnerable my soul,
 With the burden of Sins,
Oh, creator! Liberate me.

 I stand brittle,
With  head  bowed down,
fragile, paralyzed.
Inept even to stare
 Your deep, soothing eyes.

My soul gags
For, I have embezzled
that which doesn’t belong to me.

Oh, creator! redeem me.

Never was I lavish,
 ‘bout Care and affection
 on those who have
Mothered me!

Never was I religious,
No prayers,
No fastings.

Holy books to me.

My Life truly
an untamed horse.

Hurt and bruises
My giveaway to all.

I might have
Ceased to sin,
Only if you’d
raised an alarm.

Is what you are called!
But I realize,
You are a mere onlooker

Thus, Days and years
Has fallen off
my calendar.

Now, I realize!
I prostrate,
my ego
at your lotus feet.

Oh, Lord Vithala!
Unshackle me.

Courtesy: Purandara dasa Kruthi                                © 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)