Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Wish to RIP

Where are you at?
Where did you fade away
whilst, I was away for work?
I am eager to catch up,
for all the lost times.

I yearn for those evenings,
those heart-to-heart dialogues,
the unraveling

Those tender emotions,
your motherly affection 
for me.

The sparkle of your eyes,  
your welcoming smile,
still lingers on.

 You calling out my name
still echoes within,
Am longing to hear you out
One more time,
 one last time..

Will this wish be granted..?

The waterspout, the roar,
the lightening,
Is the weather out there,
in harmony with my spirit?

Are these the manifestations
Of  my turbulent mind?

Am tired.
I am so lost.
All I can see is blurred.
I wanna rest on your lap,
gaze at your smiling face,
to soothe my troubled mind.

Take me along with,
Oh, Grandma,
To your abode
Where I can

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)    Image courtesy: AJ's  personal photo collections.