Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Crack

They say that the eyes are the mirror to one’s  soul.  Yet,  there are people, who can brilliantly mask their emotions.

The below lines were written for my birthday when I sat pensive.  A self-dedication on my birthday, which falls on 17th May.


Another Birthday?

Oh! Monkey mind,
Should you be happy
Or, saddened?

The question
 too stark
Nudging your face now.

Right from birth
Wings chopped
And Clipped,
An unknown fear
Instilled within, ever since!

Your soul feels bruised
From time immemorial,
With  haunting penury
Ridicule, and abuse.

No gifts, no balloons,
Ugh! Luxurious, the days
Of cakes and movies.

 Depressed Mind,
Lonely self and
Suicidal thoughts,
The comrades.

Fake faces and
Venomous smile
A daily scene.

Ah, You're an introvert,
They say!

Hey, you!
Look into his eyes,
can you see the crack?

Guess now,

Is he, jubilant or bereaved?

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)  

This poem is published on Writer’s Ezine, an e-magazine, for their special edition of September 2015.

September marks the completion of 18 months of Writers Ezine.