Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Hollowness?

Anjali breaks herself free from the clutches of a deep slumber and starts weeping inconsolably, as if, a maniac.

Until last night, she had felt a pulsating life within her. With utmost care, she had nurtured him all through the nine months.

She was connected with the little one in her womb through the umbilical cord. They had lived one soul. 
But tonight her womb is deserted.

She can feel no kicks, no shudders, no movements and no thrusts from within. 

Anjali isn’t able to bear this and weeps inconsolably. Her sobbing reaches newer heights and AJ, her hubby rushes into the room in a state of panic and witnesses a maniac, Anjali.

He switches the lights on and hugs Anjali and shakes her so hysterically, so as to get her away from her trance-like-state.

With severe shakings, Anjali, regains her posture and clings on to AJ.  Unable to explain, she takes his palm and holds on her stomach to reflect the hollowness in her womb.

AJ realizes Anjali's deep hidden fear.

He whispers into her ear "My love! Do not panic. You have delivered a healthy baby boy this afternoon @ around 2.19 PM.”

“You will wake the little one up if you weep so loud. He is sleeping tight in the cradle” and points to the cradle besides her bed.

Hearing these soothing and reassuring words from AJ, Anjali gently opens her eyes to witness, Lil Vivaan lying in the cradle and sucking onto his thumb.

Lil Vivaan, the beacon of their life. 

As Anjali notices healthy Lil Vivaan, her sobbing transforms into a smile.  She sighs in relief, holds a smile and leans on AJ's  shoulders.

AJ sends a silent prayer to the almighty in gratitude. 

All is well that ends well.

Image Courtesy: google   © 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)