Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love happens, So does a Break-up

It’s a baby Girl!
Exclaimed the Doc.
Biting his tongue,
Realizing the blunder,
As he revealed the secret.  

The secret is out
Worried the doctor,
It’s a crime to reveal the gender.
She would be raised & not aborted,
I assured the doc.

Days progressed to weeks,
Weeks graduated to months,
And the ninth month marked her birth.
‘She’ was born – so delicate & fragile,
As she was given into my palms,
So tiny and cute,
I shed a tear, out of joy.

 The first baby frock,
The Polka dotted one,
Seeing the dots,
She giggled and smiled,
Tried to peel-off the dots,
Oh, my baby girl Is ever so cute.


When she fell ill,
I had sleepless nights.
She loved, whatever, I selected for her,
Love You Papa,
You know what my likes are!
Expressed she.

I was a Super Man Daddy,
She nicknamed me - Handsome,
She was proud of me being - Clever,
I was the kindest man ever,
She loved me the most.
She promised
To be mine forever, and
To leave me never,
I rejoiced and I gleam
My baby girl loved me then.

Seasons change, and,
Happiness transform to sorrows,
My Baby girl turned rebellious
As she stepped to Teens,
Eloping with the guy of her choice.

The promise made, now mutilated, and,
I became the Fall guy.
Alas, our likes were parallel
Never to match.
She left me,
For a guy whom she met moments earlier.
She let “My” little finger forego
Which she had held tight,
To be held by “Him”, in “His” arms
 “I” am her Papa and “He” her love,

 For me, “He” was not the perfect guy
But then, Love happens
And so does a break-up
The Father-Daughter relation broke apart
I only pray now, for her,
May she live happily-ever-after!

 PS: Image courtesy Google!