Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ishaan's Rendezvous with Goddess Kali

Ishaan, my little one, turned 6 months cuter. It was time to baptize him as per the Hindu rituals.
We took him to a Goddess temple, nearby. This is what happened after..

Majestically she stands
Carved in Stone,
with Vermillion on forehead.
Rock hard, heartless,
With 8 hands, donning
8 different weapons,
To battle and defeat
The evil.

It seems, her heart
is carved with diamond,
Never meant to melt.
Seated on a lioness,
Majestically she watches..

Blood of the demon,
Trickles through her tongue,
She, The RudraKAli,

Glancing the fiery Goddess,
Ishaan my Lil son
Screams and wails.
I wonder, how a mother
Can Be so ferocious.

As I laid my  son
At her Holy feet,
Her eyes, which spew fire,
Inclined now, with traces
Of Nurture, love and care.

I could see her bosoms
Ooze out love.

Ishaan now smiles
At the mother Goddess,
As The Rudrakali
Now transformed to Mother Yashoda,
Yashoda, the Mother of Lord Krishna.

Lucky, is My
Ishaan, My Krishna,
As he is blessed by her.
She, the lotus-eyed,
Consort of Lord Venkataramana.

PS: Image courtesy Google and AJ's personal collections.

This poem is featured in  Writer's Ezine magazine in the May 2015 issue. Also, I am glad to share my happiness with all my blog readers. This poem has won the Exceptional Poetry award for the May 2015 issue.

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