Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mango Tree - The lost innocence.

In the scorching heat, with a sweaty body, on the muddy field, with greenery around, this is how, I spent my childhood holidays along with my friends.

I become nostalgic, as I think about those golden old days

We the boys, would discreetly climb up the mango tree and would pluck the juicy, ripe mangoes. The ones who couldn’t climb, stood below, with the bags, to collect the mangoes which has fallen on the muddy ground.

The security guard would scream at us and chase us out, to secure the mangoes and the mango tree.  We would run for our lives, whistling and howling and as the guard goes out of the vicinity, we would come back and continue the act.

I wouldn't call this act as theft, as kids were innocent during those days and were the rightful owners of mother nature's treasures.

Where did those  innocent days vanish? I wonder now!

PS: Image courtesy Google.