Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where are my blue Boxers?

Oh my, my
It was a scandalous morning
I sat up on my bed 
wrapped up in a blanket
I was cold
I was frozen
And, I was hustling to find
That which was missing;
I ran to the corners
I took a plunge underneath my bed
It was getting on my nerves

Oh my, my
These daring brazen rays
Flirting with my naked skin
Lampooning and poking fun
I climbed up the shelves
Checked-out through the window
Trust me, will you?
It was getting on my nerves big time
Yet, I couldn’t find those.

Where are my boxers?
My blue, blue boxers
The one which wrapped me last night

Oh, yes! I recall
I was drunk, I was tipsy
And, I wore them, the boxers on my head
Instead of my Hat, Oops!

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2016
Image courtesy : Aj's album