Saturday, September 12, 2015

Widows - The Inauspicious?

Serene is color White.
Calm, Angelic, soothing,
the synonyms.

View through my eyes,
 White is limp, lifeless.

 White symbolizes loneliness,
Reminds of being abandoned.

Color White a paradox,
Is, inauspicious and spiritual.

Give a thought,
The Color of Widows – White.

Vrindavan - Vibrant,
Krishna – The Buoyant, the Vivacious.

Inauspicious and weak?

Oh, Krishna
Essence of thy life - Love,
You the beloved of all,
You the omnipresent.

Oh, Lotus-Eyed!
Embosom these souls
Grace them to lead a life,

a life with ample color.

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)