Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happiness is Homemade

Vidya Sury has tagged me for the “8 photos of Happiness Challenge”. 

For me, this task was a herculean challenge.  I ran helter-skelter, dived into the albums, and chose 8 such photos of happiness.

Finally, here they are.

Pic 1.
I saw this snap and I realized, that I was on top of the world when I had received this pic of Ishaan on my mobile, (taken within few moments of his birth), had made me happy and I literally jumped out of sheer excitement.

This moment on I was termed "Pa".   Can you fathom that feeling?


Pic 2.

On the house-warming day in Kerala. 

"Asha & I"

Pic 3.

What else in this earth is soothing than the cozy lap of your Mom?

Pic 4.
We celebrated Dad's  birthday first time ever. We did cut the cake too. ( We generally don't cut cakes for birthdays.)

Pic 5.
Look at Ishaan; even in deep slumber he smiles. So soothing.

Pic 6.
Seems like yesterday. Asha with  her brother and Sis-in-law. Awaiting for such a get-together again.

Pic 7.
Mom and her younger sibling. I love the bonding in this pic.

Pic 8.
Ishaan and  his Grandpa (My dad). I love the smile on my Dad's face more than Ishaan's cuteness in this pic.

Pic 9.
When Lord Krishna visited India :)  in 1990's.
My Sis and I (donning attire of Lord Krishna and Radha, during Krishnashtami.)

ThankYou @Vidya Sury for tagging me for the challenge. Also, linking to the creator of the tag Ariel Ward  Ariel’s little corner of the internet.

Now, let me take the liberty to tag my blogger friend Anamika Agnihotri for the challenge. 

Pic Courtesy: AJ's albums.
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