Friday, September 4, 2015

Seashells & The Silent Scream

The sea, the shore,
The sinking Sun,
The tiny ship at the horizon,
 evokes nostalgia.

The muddy sand,
The seashells,
Reminds me Of a childhood,
Which I never had.

The sea, the shore,
The nostalgia.

The foam, the bubbles,
My tiny Lil palm,
The Splashing waves,
The child in me  thrilled.

The sprinkles,
 the splashes of turbulent tides,
The tickling waves,
My floating sandals,
The Chase for the waves,
Reminds me of my wish
Which remains unfulfilled.

Countless pebbles,
Which I've never counted,
Reminds me of
A Funless childhood.

I wander,
in search
of my childhood.

In the wet sand,
In the salty water,
With  drenched pants,
I lay asleep, limp.

In the arms of Mother Sea,
Tides become the cradle,
My childhood washed ashore.

I realize with a cringe,
My childhood was snatched!

© 2015 Ajay Pai (Reserved)  
Image courtesy: Pexels

With a broken heart, I dedicate this poem to Aylan and Galip.