Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Burning Desire

Aalekh is a traditional guy though born and brought up in Delhi.  He loves every such custom that is linked with the tradition.

As destiny had it written, Aalekh is now married to Avantika, the village belle.

It turns out to be a marriage evolved from their love-at-first-sight.

Tonight is the much awaited night. Aalekh waits for his bride with a burning desire in his belly.

As he waits, Avantika enters.

The floral scent of hers, ignites all his fantasies. The tinkling sound of her anklet, feels like the music of lovemaking to his ears. The jingling sound of the bangles sing those erotic whispers into his ears.

Her neatly polished nails, artistically done Mehendi on her hand, sparks that fire within him. 

Aalekh  can't wait anymore.

He notices that she has not pleated her sari, but, has perfectly and cleverly wrapped it around her. The sari is so well draped, that it clung to her body showcasing her curves and shapes in its absolute form.
Her navel seemed like a swirl to his eyes. Is that a black spot next to her navel?  He peeks in, to confirm, though a little nervous.

The petticoat has given way to the leggings and the sleeved blouse  to the strapless one, beneath.

He sees her bosoms rise and fall as she breathes.

The temperature starts soaring in the bedroom.

Slowly Aalekh, approaches Avantika, who is clad in a red chiffon sari. His hands touches the veil to lift it up, which has hid her gorgeous face from him.

Slowly, as he raises the veil, he  sees her wholesome lips. He holds her face in his palms and  bends forward to 'k…

They hear “wouaa, wouaaa, wu wu, wouaaaaa” a baby cry.

Avantika rushes out to the next room, carries the baby in her arms and starts feeding the baby.

Note: Aalekh, married Avantika (a widow, and a mother of 3 months baby) despite opposition from the society.

PS: Image courtesy Google.