Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lil Ishaan -The Villain.

Lil Ishaan, earlier this month, finds a new hobby. 'Ant hunting'.

The clan of the ant species  is now in the extinction stage. Ishaan, the ant hunter, is on a high rampage spree, killing  each of the ant who comes his way.

Morris, the team leader of the black ant’s tribe,  quickly calls in for a huddle to discuss about this disaster. They unanimously decide to declare this incident as a national catastrophe. 

Soon, all the senior most of the ant tribe  flies to Debhlie,  the Ant’s capital. The Queen Ant, Sophia, declares the catastrophe as an emergency-like situation in Bangalore, for the ants.  Also, she orders for an inquiry commission to submit the report on this issue.

However, the extremists from the Ant’s Help Forum, decides to take revenge on Lil Ishaan - the villain.  Several of the ant families have lost their loved ones  due to Ishaan’s cruelty.

Oblivious of the above, Ishaan, continues his hunt for the ants.  Ambulances, run Helter skelter, carrying the injured ants to the government  administrated hospitals.

That evening, Ishaan’s mom changes his diaper and is dressing him up for an evening walk in the nearby park.  All of a sudden Ishaan screams and wails. His  sobbing gains high momentum and the pitch of his sobbing reach the highest note.  Ishaan, even whilst crying  is pulling out his diaper.

AJ, Ishaan’s dad, noticing this, rushes to his rescue.  He pulls off the diaper  and finds  a big black ant in the diaper. The ant has bit Lil Ishaan,  at the place where it pains the most.

Thus, the ant terrorist, Usoma-Bin-Dalen, sacrificed himself by taking revenge on Lil Ishaan on behalf of  the entire ant clan.

PS: I have been tagged by  my friend Archana    to take part in Five photos Five Stories Challenge (FPFS) which is – post a picture for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it – fiction, poem or a short write-up. It can be anything to suit your taste.  Day 3.

Image courtesy Google.