Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hey, Did you find Lil Ishaan?

The castle-of-hearts appears bright
as ever and is radiating love this morning.

Is it the smile?

Yes! Indeed it is!

Aha! I can see the reason why?

The cheeks of the castle are
smudged with tiny lip impressions.


Little AJ, as usual, is sound asleep.

Time is 5 A.M.

Little AJ can hear someone
shouting for Lil Ishaan’s name.

“Ishaan, Ishaan! Where are you?”

The voice echoes and repeats.


Ugh! No!

Ishaan DID NOT answer.

-Silence Again-

“Oh! Ishaan.., Ishaaan...! Where are you?”

The same voice shrieks.

But now, the voice is a little worried.

Little AJ, decides to go over to find out,
WHO the VOICE is!

He hops from room-to-room.

His eyes search for the voice in every
 nook and corner of the house.

Alas, he could find none.

“Aah! Ishaan, we wouldn’t talk to you,
if you don’t come and rescue us. 
Why are you acting  so pricey?

The same voice yells out and now nearly in tears.

By now, Little AJ grew impatient.

Little AJ rushes to the drawing-room, to witness
the owners of the voice.

Aaaah! So Silly.


Ishaan’s toys!

They were neatly arranged and kept in the showcase by
Little AJ last night.

But why did Lil Ishaan abandon his beloved toys?

Oh! Yeah ! Silly me again!

Lil Ishaan is busy hunting the black Ant.

You remember? 

The same old black Ant!  

! hahaha!

PS: Image courtesy Google