Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The skin that disgraced Me - A Prayer

ah! Krishna
The color of your skin is so scandalous
It has disgraced me, O divine

O the unborn,
I cuss myself for having loved your skin
The dusky skin of yours,
which is abused as black.

Ha, this searing pain
O, slayer of Kamsa
which separates you from me,
equates me to Yashoda

O the colored one,
Is this your way to grant me, absolution?
Instead, come to me
While I breathe.

O the lord of love, Madana
You have forever kept me
bereft of your love

O Narayana, the refuge of every being
Embrace my soul
Liberate me from this disgrace,
Allow me to fuse into you, O lotus eyed.

It is this skin of  yours, O Shyam
My scandalous Lord
that has disgraced me! 
O divine,
O divine.

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Image courtesy: Not Mine