Sunday, February 26, 2017

If only these lifeless letters

It has been a while that we’ve met
And, all my attempts
To get in touch with you
Went in vain
Unsure, if we would meet ever again
While we walk on this green earth?

This wasn’t the way I had dreamt
Of us
But then, the law of nature has its
Own unique way
But, I know you love me
Even at this darkest hour of the day

Remember love?
I had narrated to you this day of ours
Before we walked down the aisle
That it isn’t going to be a bed of roses
This is how we began our life
Don’t you remember?
This is how we began our journey
Of two-getherness

If only these lifeless letters
Could bring back to you
Those memories … of us
Which we’d woven together
Things wouldn’t be then
The same as it is now…

If only these lifeless letters…

© 2017 Ajay Pai (Reserved) 
Image courtesy : AJ's personal album