Friday, March 24, 2017

The Awakening - A Prayer

It was pure bliss this morning. I truly saw "GOD" in my dream. This is how i felt when i woke up from my dream.

O’ Purushothama, my supreme lord
Now, it is time for you to walk alongside me
But then,
You descend upon me merely in my dreams
Reflecting it as an illicit affair between us
Yet, the scholars hail you
as a manifestation of the purest essence
O’ lord, you are eternally pure
Am I blessed by you?

O’ Krishna, my dark complexioned lord,
whose every act is righteous
The sight of you this morning in my slumber
In your golden aura was purely a bliss

I take refuge in you
Unveil your benevolence upon me

It is this awakening which is a hindrance
Sing a lullaby
Put me to sleep forever
Enabling my dream, 
Where I get to see you forever.

 Copyright @ +Ajay Pai  24th March 2017
Image courtesy - AJ's gallery